Passionfruit Meringue

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This is so good, the best meringue I have ever had. The lightly sweetened meringue sponge cake has a nice 'crisp', so delighted with the cake melting in mouth, it's like eating cloud! The passion fruit mousse filling is awesome, finished with fresh mangoes and strawberries cubes.
The Patissier的蛋白酥皮,却甜得刚刚好,保持了松酥的口感,整个在嘴里融化,好像在吃云朵一般。夹奶味浓郁的百香果慕斯、新鲜的芒果草莓粒。清爽的酸,淡淡的甜,冰凉的内陷和蓬松又酥脆的口感,简直不能更妙!

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Such a magical cloud of fruity deliciousness 😊
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Beyond words ... ...

It is nice to have neighbours who appreciate the finer things in life and better still when they share them with you .

Was craving for a sweet treat last evening and it was so timely to receive this cake .

I’d usually shy away from cakes that look like they belong to a display shelf with pretty dolls. But I took the plunge and stuck my fork into this and was blown away by the texture and taste of this cake.

The crispy bits of the meringue and the slight tartness of the passionfruit cream ,together with the fresh cuts of strawberries and mangoes and the softer inner layers of sponge cake was such an intelligent and creative combination . The cake was neither too sweet Nor cloyingly instead it was surprising refreshing and light on the palate .

It is definitely different from the usual plain ole standard chocolate fudge cake or banana cakes that I am so used to eating but this passionfruit meringue cake was so lovely.

I highly highly recommend this cake.


always tangy and good. Filled with passionfruit mousse, cubes of strawberry and mango cubes. It appears tho that the thickness of the meringue layers have seen a sizeable difference. So much so that the chewy element is somewhat missing.

That being said, this made the perfect chaser to an indulgent meat-centric meal.

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Look no further for a fruity celebration cake that tastes like sunshine on a plate. The Passionfruit Meringue (from $48.15 for a 6-inch cake) from renowned bakery The Patissier is a favourite, and with good reason! The lightly sweetened meringue sponge cake has a nice 'crisp' to it, and it goes so well with the very tropical filling of passion fruit mousse, fresh mangoes and strawberries. It is on the pricier side, but the quality of ingredients and harmony of flavours and textures make it well worth the splurge. Just make sure it's for someone you really, really like.
*Whole cakes have to be ordered one week in advance
Photo by Burppler Triffany Lim


This is the best! It is a light sweetened meringue sponge cake filled with a burst of flavour from passion fruit mousse, fresh mangoes and strawberries. The crust are really 'crispy' and the overall does not taste sour like any other passion fruit cakes. If I didn't know the name of this cake, I would name it as mango meringue. The cake has a nice mango smell with generous amount of sweet diced mango.


Beautiful and fabulous tasting cake. 😍 One of a kind! Slightly pricey but birthdays are the best excuse time to get this!


My 24th birthday cake from le boyf 😍 My name was spelled wrongly but nvm... it's the thought that counts.

A light sweetened meringue sponge cake filled with a burst of flavour from passion fruit mousse, fresh mangoes and strawberries.

The cake is very special and nice. I loved the crispy layer of meringue at the top and bottom of the cake. The overall has a sweet and sour combination 😋


One of my all time favourite cakes!