GF Redemption Bowl

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This is most certainly the place you ought to go to for a lazy guilt-free afternoon. The GF Redemption bowl propels you on the healthy living/ eating skill. Definitely enjoying the chill vibes from this pretty place, although the healthy food might not be as appealing.

The food variety are limited ,but if u are looking for a peaceful and quiet place ,this cafe definitely a good choice !

This is also the place where you’ll spend at least $25 just to get a brunch meal that doesn’t even fully fill you up. But we still go anyways coz good + quality + healthy + extremely yummy food will never come cheap.
On the table:
Avocado Toast, Redemption Bowl (add $4 to add on falafel or chicken) and fancy dairy free coffee with nut milk, dates and other weird but tastes damn healthy stuffs. #cmcr #groundedbycmcr
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Checking out this dreaming space co-share with Yoga Movement. Comfy lounge area with natural light streaming in, it's a great place to relax after yoga classes. While selection is limited, they advocate a healthier and wholesome choice such as Redemption Bowl ($17) and Avocado Toast ($16). So if Common Man is too packed, just head upstairs for a drink first!

Located above Common Man Coffee Roasters, Grounded by CMCR occupies the leafy alfresco area of Yoga Movement's newest studio in Robertson Quay. Chill out in the relaxed space with coffee from CMCR and refuel with one of the many wholesome (but substantial) eats on the menu. Meals are guilt-free with options like the GF Redemption Bowl ($17), a vegetarian, grain-free combination of all things healthy like roasted veggies, nuts, seeds and a tahini drizzle; as well as the Balance Burger ($17), which is more like a brioche bun sandwich holding together folded organic eggs, streaky bacon, kale and a sriracha mayo. Worked super hard in yoga? Treat yourself to a Beetroot Chocolate Brownie ($8) after!
Avg price: $20 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua

Opened just above Common Man Coffee Roasters where Bochinche used to be in collaboration with Yoga Movement is GROUNDED by CMCR which serves a different and more limited hot food menu with coffee, juices which would probably appeal as a post-workout refuel spot for those who visit Yoga Movement. The GF Redemption Bowl comes with Roasted Veggies, Nuts, Seeds, Poached Egg and Tahini drizzle, while the Chili Chicken I opted for is a $4 extra on top of its original price tag of $17 — you could also get the Falafel Chicken if you aren't into the spiciness as well. This comes pretty wholesome, especially when you have avocado, sweet potatoes, beetroot, cauliflower etc. involved — the sort of thing you might be into if you want a grain bowl though this doesn't come with grains. Every ingredient gave a distinct flavour profile that works well together in a mix, and also a different texture along too — crunch on the fresh greens alongside the savoury nuts as you savour the spiced flavour of the Tahini dressing which gives it that very exotic mix of flavours typical of Indian cuisine. And if you are a sucker for Common Man's poached eggs, the eggs here are also as good — the same organic egg with the golden yolk used here as well, well-poached that it you get a seductive flow from it as you poke it open. Go for the chicken add-on if you can't do without meat and especially love the Chili Chicken that is served at Common Man Coffee Roasters for brunch — tender strips of zesty yet mildly spicy chicken that goes well with the bowl overall so it doesn't get too "green" if you know what I mean. Definitely a good place to chill and hang out for brunch and an alternative to Common Man Coffee Roasters if it is a little too crowded — just be warned of the irrational choices of furniture and cutlery; couch seating, stools and annoyingly low tables you end up crouching just to eat and the wooden utensils that taste very much like the ice-cream sticks that the doctors used to press on your tongue just to take a look at the throat (which is not the most fantastic taste in the world anyway).