Hotpot Set A for Two

$75.00 · 4 Reviews

This Hong Kong Street restaurant is our pick for Chinese mala hotpot with class. Elegantly decked out, it is perfect for an intimate dinner with a spice-loving date. For a fuss-free meal, order one of the three hotpot set menus (from $55, serves two) to share. Each set comes with a variety of meat and vegetables, along with a divided pot for two MSG-free broths — we highly recommend the tongue numbing mala as well as the rich and concentrated wild mushroom. If you're really specific about what you want though, consider ordering everything a la carte, from broths to ingredients. That's what Burppler Veronica Phua did, filling the table with tender Premium U.S Short Rib ($22) and Mangalitsa Pork Collar ($30). For best value, visit on a Tuesday, where you can enjoy their one-for-one promotion on all meats, except luncheon meat. You're welcome.
Avg price: $40
Photo by Burppler Sam Chua

Devoid of loud, tacky signs, it's easy to miss this gem of a hotpot restaurant along Hong Kong Street. Within, LongQing oozes pretty hip vibes with sturdy wooden furniture and walls tattooed with paintings — this definitely isn't your typical Chinese mala hotpot joint! Bring your partner for an intimate dinner date and share one of the three hotpot set menus (from $55, serves two). Each set comes with a variety of meat and vegetables, along with a divided pot for two MSG-free broths. We recommend going for the concentrated wild mushroom broth and the classic spicy ma la. For a feast, also order the much raved about Luncheon Meat ($6.80), Potato Noodles ($3.80) and freshly fried Beancurd Skin Roll ($6.80), and save space for the super addictive Crispy Taro Ball ($7.80) for dessert! These crispy fritters surprise with a chewy, mochi-like yam paste (orh ni) centre!
Avg Price: $40 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Jean Kao

This Sichuan hotpot restaurant along Hong Kong Street is devoid of large, loud signs that scream "I am from China!". Instead, the borderline hipster restaurant is decked out in sturdy wooden furniture and comes complete with concrete walls tattooed with paintings. For an intimate dinner date, come with your partner and go straight for one of the three hotpot set menus (from $55, serves two). It comes with a divided bowl for two MSG-free broths, of which you should get wild mushrooms on one side — a trio of Chinese mushrooms boiled down to an incredible tasty concentrate — and spicy ma la on the other. The sets come with a variety of meats, vegetables and access to concocting your favourite dips at the sauce counter. Don't forget to order a round of the unbelievably delicious Luncheon Meat ($6.80), Potato Noodle ($3.80) and the freshly fried Beancurd Skin Roll ($6.80). Save space for the super addictive Crispy Taro Ball ($7.80) for dessert — chewy mochi-like dough fritters with a molten yam paste (orh ni) surprise centre!
Avg price: $40 per person
Photo by Burppler Jayson Yeo


Steamboat Set for 2 Pax ($60)

This new steamboat place @longqing @longqingsingapore will definitely give Haidilao a run for its money. Priding itself on superior soup bases without msg, the owner made sure flavour was not compromised by using the best ingredients! I took the mushroom and mala base. Mala base was not overly spicy and drinkable (yums)! The winner was the mushroom stock which was made with $60/kg coral looking mushrooms. Sooo flavourful!

The ingredients was more than sufficient for 2. I loved the beef tendon most especially when cooked in the mala base! So soft and tender! We also added the potato noodles to soak up that mala goodness and spam sticks which had meat chunks in them (highly recommended)! Super yummy for spam lovers! Wanted to also try their taro balls dessert (which I heard was amazeballs😉) but sadly no more room by the end of the meal😋!

NB: recommended to accompany the meal with their herbal tea imported from China. Just tastes better than the ones we have locally. Ambience is great for 80s babies as the place sings to popular mandopop ktv hits of the 90s and early 2000s🎤! They only serve dinner currently!