Cuppa Lava Cake

$5.50 Β· 7 Reviews

Cuppa Lava Cake With Ice Cream 🧁 Pretty sweet on the first bite but it just gets better. Would be good if it's in a bigger cup cause I just feel it's a little expensive for this small size. Wait for it to melt a bit first to enjoy having the lava and ice cream together. If not it's just going to be a layer of lava cake and a layer of ice cream πŸ˜‚ Although #myheartapprove for this I still feel that there is room for improvement.
πŸ€‘: SGD: 5.50
πŸ‘…: 3/5

Warm chocolaty cake with molten chocolate filling on top, icy vanilla icecream at the bottom. This kind of dessert is #worththecalories

They warm up the cake hence the top layer is warm. The molten chocolate in the middle is definitely flowy.

It is priced @$5.50 per cup

As good as rumoured, just that the price increased and it's still quite small. The ice cream at the bottom is also too hard


Very yummy. Comes with ice cream at the bottom. As usual, chocolate origin’s chocolate is very rich and not overwhelming at all. Not too sweet which is a plus. Abit on the pricey side.

Been my favourite dessert-to-go since the first time trying it ❀️


πŸ’°: Lava Cake ($5.50) β€’ Dark Choco Cake/1slice ($8.80)
πŸ•š: 9pm / no queue
πŸš‡: Boon Lay MRT Station β€’ 1min walk
πŸ“: Level 2 (Old Jurong Point)

Could be something most burpees would have eaten, nonetheless, would wish to mark this day when I met up with Boss and Skele (short form of skeleton, she's skinny like hell that's why).

Stepping into the working adult life could be stressful, and that's exactly so for Skele. Therefore, we decided to forego Ji De Chi and let her indulge in her favorite chocolate world, even though that would mean a few more rounds of jogging to burn off those calories.

Though life is bitter, we still chose one slice Dark Chocolate cake and a cup of hot lava. Dark choco is to cake ratio is almost 4:1, so it's really quite worth the price.

Hot lava cake would be a cheaper and exciting option for those who have not tried it before. Hot and medium sweet chocolate syrup wrapped in chocolate cake like a muffin and placed on top of vanilla ice cream. Both desserts are quite filling and could even be served as dinner.

Stressed? Spell it backwards and it's time for desserts.