Cuppa Lava Cake

$5.50 · 11 Reviews

Chocolate cake plus chocolate lava cake is our must eat whenever we visit them.

Cuppa Lava Cake:
Cake served hot with molten chocolate 🍫 which tastes rich and creamy! However, I’m not a fan of the vanilla ice cream that comes with it as it tastes too milky and doesn’t complement the lava cake.

Dark chocolate gelato that tastes slightly bitter but overall a decent ice cream 🍨

Will not come back for the lava cake as I have tasted better elsewhere, may come back to try their signature chocolate cake instead!

Innovative chocolate lava cake with the ice cream at bottom which slows down the melting speed😉

I was told this was less sweet compared to the lava cake. Not too bad, nice choc taste. Very thick and rich. It wasn’t as bitter as I expected.

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Delicious cup of lava cake with vanilla ice cream at the bottom. Hot at the top, cold at the bottom. Simply sinful and delicious 😋

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I never tire of this simple yet winning combination of warm dark chocolate lava cake and vanilla ice-cream.


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yummy-licious chocolate dessert ! just $5 and it's a sufficient portion for 1 to enjoy it. chocolate cake is moist, chocolate sauce is not too sweet and it goes well with the vanilla ice cream at the bottom and cake.

will buy it again !


At $5, what more can I ask for. 👍🏼


Hehe I was so happy when I saw the art. The chocolate lava cake was really good too!