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Kueh Salat

$2.00 · 8 Reviews

I find Kueh Putugal unique as its my first time trying and I love it. It has banana in it. Both cost $2. Kueh Salat is quite wholesome and generous with fillings. I would be back for more Kueh Putugal as I didn’t come across any other place selling Kueh Putugal, so its a ⭐️ find for me. On the outside its like odeh odeh pattern on the inside is soft n moist with banana. A good combination. Shared with my colleagues and they had twinkle in their eyes too.

What they're known for and for damned good reason. Slightly salty wonderfully chewy rice, as well as a thick fragrant layer of pandan curd. Ratio of the curd to the rice is totally on point

Kueh Bulan (S$2.50)
Kueh Salat (S$2)
Gula Melaka Chiffon (S$2/ slice)
Kueh Bengka Ubi (S$2)
Kueh Putugal (S$2)
Kueh Kosui (S$2/ 3 pcs)

Kueh Dadar (S$2)
Available at @PeranakanKhek
Old school handmade nyonya snacks by Gen Y pastry chef. It’s rare to find these traditional snacks being churned by such young people these days.
More expensive than what was commonly priced outside but they really tasted not bad.
Peranakan Khek
Address 🏠 : 11 Cavan Road, # 01-03 Cavan Suites, Singapore 🇸🇬 209 848
Open 💈 : 6443 1213
Wed - Sat : 11am - 6pm
Sun : 11am - 5pm
Website 🌐 :
MRT 🚇 : Lavender (EW11).

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This was my mini platter of ang ku kueh, gula melaka chiffon and kueh salat. Chiffon was light like cotton, ang ku kueh was soft but when eaten, does not stick to the teeth. Salat was the right texture. 🔼
However, the cost is a tad on the high side as per piece starts from $2. I was pleasantly surprised that the person who made these was the youngish female baker/owner, Sharon @peranakankhek. She explained that every kueh was freshly made onsite by hand using fresh ingredients.... resulting in the slightly elevated cost.
It certainly was nice to see that this old school kueh making trade is bring kept alive by young entrepreneurs like Sharon. Thank you, Sharon, for your warm hospitality and providing me with props for my photo shoot.

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Located in Jalan Besar, Peranakan Khek is a symbol of chef-owner Sharon Low's dedication to preserving the kueh-making craft, so pop by to show your support for tradition and get a box of kueh to go. The menu at this small bake shop is compact but well-curated, and we appreciate how every item is made with the utmost care and pride. The favourite of the Burpple community is without doubt the Kueh Salat ($2), which sees a springy glutinous rice base layered with rich, pandan coconut custard. Worth a try too are the Kueh Putugal ($2), a lesser seen tapioca kueh with a sweet banana filling, as well as the fragrant Kaffir Lime Butter Cake ($2.50).
Avg price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Peter Wong

Few years back, Owner Sharon fell in love with the traditional Peranakan Kueh. She did her research bit by bit to uncover the beauty of the traditional Kueh. .
From a western culinary background, she faced many difficulties dealing with "real" ingredients. Unlike the western pastries which she could follow the recipes step by step for the ideal result, but traditional Kueh required more experience. To bring fore the best Kueh, she insisted of using the freshest ingredients from the market. .
Example like the Ang Ku Kueh. Instead of using sweet potato flour, she brought fresh sweet potatoes, steamed and mashed them for the Ang Ku Kueh skin. Because every batch of sweet potato had different level of moisture, the moisture affected the texture of the skin. Without "potato moist-meter", she need to make every judgement by hand on experience. .
Among all her Kueh, my favorite will be Kueh Salat!!! Till date, this is the BEST Kueh Salat! Glutinous rice steamed with daily freshly squeezed coconut milk. The natural blue color was from the bluepea flower (which is pretty expensive). The sweet steamed Pandan egg custard with lightly savory glutinous rice was THE perfection combination. .
Sharon is still in R&D stage. So please your fullest support!!! .
Peranakan Kheh .
🏠: 11 Caven Road, Singapore 209848. .
⏰: Daily from 1100H to 1700H. .
☎️(for reservation): 6443 1213. .
💰: found in their site,

You wouldn't expect this swanky, clean looking spot amidst the cafes of Jalan Besar to be selling traditional kuehs but here they are!

The baker here was formerly from Privé but found that her calling brought her back to her roots. Baking fresh traditional kuehs like Ang Ku Kuehs and Kueh Salat(my fav among the bunch), she also had some innovative creations like the Kueh Putugal - a steamed tapioca kueh with a sweet layer of pisang rajah🍌 in the middle, coated in grated coconut. While definitely pricier than normal kuehs, you can see the love that went into each and every one of these soft, fragrant kuehs.

Love seeing places like these keeping our traditions and heritage going and evolving. 🙌


Newly-opened at Cavan Road near Edith Patisserie and Red Eye Smokehouse is Peranakan Khek — a new takeaway shop that sells Nyonya Kueh and cakes freshly-baked in-house on a daily basis. Tried the Kueh Bengka Ubi which is slightly stiffer but less stickier than what commercial bakeries sell, with a moderately fibrous bite for $2 a slice, as well as a Kueh Salat that comes pretty well-flavoured with a smooth and aptly sweet Pandan Egg Custard layer atop a well-packed layer of glutinous rice that was loosely sticky without turning into a mush — also at a price of $2 a slice. Both Kuehs that I have had seemed to have a good balance of sweetness which makes them easy to finish. Always heartened whenever I visit shops like these that puts effort into keeping traditions alive.

Pernakan Khek is situated at Cavan Suites, 11 Cavan Road, #01-03, Singapore 209848