Macaroni & Cheese

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Bad photo oops, was too hungry and just wanted to eat. Mac & cheese was pretty good, always wanted to try their mac&cheese and finally got it!

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Second time coming here for their mac and cheese. Not too cheesy 😉 Will order this again!

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Smoky, creamy and on point for mac & cheese.

First bite and you just feel that yes this is the one!

Rating: 4.5/5 (A lil out of the way for me)



Macaroni & Cheese, $14.80 from WHISK & PADDLE⠀

📍10 Tebing Lane, unit 01-01, S 828836⠀

Cafe-hopping on a Weekday dinner after a long day of work is so satisfying and relaxing! Very chill and relaxing place at WHISK & PADDLE, you can opt for aircon or outdoor seating here. We’ve heard so much about their super awesome Mac & Cheese here and decided to give it a try! It’s incredibly delicious indeed!! Served in a pipping hot metal pan to maintain its hotness, they looks so yummy! Macaroni, honey baked ham are fully submerged in their special pink sauce and mozzarella cheese 🧀! It’s not too overly cheesy for our liking, simply so perfect!! Highly recommended for all Mac & Cheese lovers to drop by and try them! ⠀

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Take your pet for a long walk along Punggol Promenade, then find respite at this hidden gem on Tebing Lane. Have the beautifully-plated Mac and Cheese ($14.80) or the Red Bass Fillet ($25.80) baked with white wine and served with potatoes and seasonal greens. If you're just here for a snack, munch on the Louisinana Wings ($12.80) that are doused in an addictive, spicy sauce. If you're coming with your pet, note that you may only sit outdoors. Ice water is available for your furkid!
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Cafe food that is actually good! The Mac and cheese is creamy and cheesy, fries are chunky and crispy!

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Macaroni, honey baked ham, pink sauce and mozzarella cheese.


Mac and cheese (~$14.80) was beautifully plated and cheese flavour wasn’t super jelak, but it was quite filling 🧀 It was lacking that overall top cheese layer that I really love though 😭 Still personally prefer Park’s mac n cheese tbh 👌🏻
Tomato and Cheese Bruschetta (~$6.80): Soft baguette bread topped generously with chunks of tomato salsa 🍅 Overall tasty but slightly dry, cheese portion could be more generous too

Ig @goodfomood

Their mac and cheese is good too!