Herbal Soup Mee Sua

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The herbal soup is not as strong as compared to the previous time I ate, ingredients is lesser too. Nevertheless, it is still a decent bowl of mee sua especially during rainy weather (S$4).


Today’s stormy weather triggered a need in me for hot soup. So when it was time for dinner, a quick hop to Bedok North’s “Kaki Bukit Market & Food Centre” transpired for a fix of Seng Kee Black Herbal Chicken’s “mee sua with pork, liver and kidney”.
This is the only stall I would have this dish from because I feel they do it best. Even their other outlet on Changi Road can’t match this original stall in terms of delivering the same taste and quality every single time.

One of the best bowls of noodle soup i have had. The broth is thick, herbal-ish and very aromatic. If you have the chance, go on down and try it yourself. The pig organs are cooked just right, not too tough and the lean meat tasted clean and smooth. I like how they chooses to use meesua(wheat noodles) for the soup, it is a type of salted noodle and compliments the aromatic broth well. Try it soon!

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Nice mee Sua

Where to go when you're craving for a hot piping mee sua? You can check out Seng Kee in Bedok! It specializes in Black Chicken Herbal Soup and Pig Organs Mee Sua. But don't be mistaken! It's actually a tze char stall which serves other pretty good dishes at cheap affordable prices and at decently big portions!

So back to the Pig Organs Mee Sua, what's so nice about them? First is the herbal soup taste, pretty lightly flavored with some Chinese herbs. Nothing much at the starts, but as you sip in more, the flavor gets there! Second is the sliced thinly, no odor and not overcooked pig organs and meesua! Really warms up your stomach into the night.

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Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup at Kaki Bukit 511 Market & Food Centre is where our Tastemakers Julius Lim and Zhihui Lim would go on nights when they crave a spot of warm comfort. Unlike its other outlet at Kembangan, this stall offers a more consistent, fail-safe experience. $4 gets you a bowl of piping hot black chicken soup with mee sua, topped with your choice of kidney, mixed organs or lean meat. Tastemaker Zhihui loves how the herbal soup is flavourful yet light, the noodles are well cooked, and the kitchen is generous with the ingredients. What's not to like?
Avg price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Julius Lim

This bowl of goodness is no exception. Opens from 12pm to 12am daily, Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup is the place to go for any late night cravings.

The most ordered item is definitely the Herbal Mee Sua ($4/$5/$6) which comes with a combination of pig's kidney, liver and lean meat. Whilst the black chicken soup has a mild herbal flavour, you will be hit with a strong sesame oil aroma upon the first slurp.

Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup
Address: 511, Bedok North Street 3, Kaki Bukit 511 Market & Food Centre, Unit 01-31/32, Singapore 460511

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This Seng Kee outlet in Bedok seems to be more consistent with their soup compared to the outlet near kembangan! The bigger outlet at Kembangan has very spotty service as well and inconsistent soup flavour. It's like rolling a dice to see if you get a nice thick herbal soup flavour or pepper water. That is what makes the bedok outlet my "go to" place for this Mee Sua!

A nice, hot and chicken herbal fused bowl of mee Sua (noodles) with pork kidney and liver. The herbal flavour at this stall is full and the innards are well cleaned, free of bitterness. A satisfying bowl.

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