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German Pork Knuckle

$10.00 · 34 Reviews

For a pretty decent pork knuckle at just $10, I think it’s worth a visit. The skin was crackling and CRONCH though a little hard at some parts, meat was a mix of tender/tough but I think that’s just how pork knuckles are? The Truffle Mushroom Pasta ($8) was ok, I’d say it is acceptable for price because I actually enjoyed the mushrooms inside (am not a mushroom fan) and pasta was al dente. Portions are really quite decent for their price point so if you’re in the area you can check it out.

Skin made a crackling sound when bitten into. Portion was pretty generous and they deboned the entire knuckle for us.

They also have a single serving portion as well.

Skip the truffle fries, there was a strong truffle aroma but was lacking in taste.

Generous portion and pretty yums for a tenner. Highlight of the dish - the very crackly and savoury roasted skin. Dish was also served with sides of mashed potatoes and sauerkraut, which were alright and could do with more sharpness to cut through the heaviness of the meal.

Signature Pork Knuckles with a pricetag at $10 per plate accompanied with sauerkraut & mashed potato since day one.
Crispy (Skin)
Chewy (Collagen😍😍)
Tender (Meat)
Omg!! Love it so much 😋😋
So what's for dinner tonight??

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Item ordered: pork knuckles ($10 nett)

Food: 4/5 - the pork is rather fatty hence it is not really too my liking. However will recommend for people who enjoys fatty pork :)
Ambiance: 3.5/5 - indoor & outdoor seating available
Service: 4/5 - quick service
Overall experience: 4/5

German pork knuckle $10 nett
Krounenbourg blanc 1/2 pint $12nett (1for1 all night)

WAITING TIME: 5 min? Really fast

WILL I ORDER THIS AGAIN? Will recommend others to try this, but personally will try other dishes myself.

WILL WE RETURN? YES. Good service. Affordable dishes. Wide variety. Cheap beer. Parking nearby.

在人生課室裡學習如何面對「瑕疵」是最近很有感的事情。本來應該說是「失敗」的,但我覺得其實根本談不上什麼失敗。就只是完美主義者眼裡容不下的那粒沙罷了。如果這些小事都算是「失敗」,那你就有太多母親了好嗎?!🤣 其實最近已經有好幾位朋友找我聊類似的事了,或許是想要知道怎麼才可以做到不在乎。其實在當下我並沒有自己/他們想像中的那麼不在乎啊,我也會因為沒做到盡善盡美而自責或遺憾,但事後自我調適心態這個步驟十分重要。與其是糾結我哪裡沒做好,不如想我下次要怎麼做更好。

剛才開導好友的時候根據她所說分享了最近的感悟。「因為被批評所以很打擊,覺得自己還有很多需要去學習的地方」這點我覺得這大約是平時太過優秀的人自尋煩惱的結果。「學海無崖」每個人這一輩子會有學不完的東西。怎麼能因為覺得自己還有進步空間而被打擊呢?「沒想到自己那麼差」的想法很可怕。不需要一件事沒做好就否定了自己的所有,你只不過沒做好一件事又不是事事都做不好。去學校就是要去學習的啊,如果妳已經做得非常完美了那還要去學校學習來幹嘛?需要面對自己還有自我提升的空间這個事實。要自信但千萬別自以為是💪🏻 共勉之😊

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Generous portion. Decent taste. Average satisfaction. Good price (price on menu is nett without ++).

German beer ($10) 🍺 is the best steal on the menu.

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German Pork Knuckle with mash and sauerkraut perfect for one person! Portion is generous enough for the value.

Try the Spicy Pork Knuckle Pasta...quite a hit too!


Served with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes