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Pork Schnitzel

$10.00 Β· 4 Reviews

Pretty cheap and decent place for a chill night out (with cheap beer) with friends. Though I’m not a fan of the schnitzel but won’t mind coming back to try their other dishes!

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Not bad lah πŸ˜€
Grilled Chicken Chop ($8) was very tender & juicy. Aglio Ham & Mushroom ($8) was done at the right spiciness. Salmon & Shiitake Mushroom Cream ($10) was nice but could be a little jerlat with that cream base. Pork Schnitzel ($10) was thinly sliced & crispy but the meat itself was a little bland. πŸ˜€
Quite a no frill quick meal place πŸ˜„



Flying pork chop with resemblance to a pair of 'wings'! This Pork Schnitzel from #knuckles was pretty awesome! Meat is firm with just a thin layer of breaded crust. Such a huge portion for only $8!

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