Popiah (#01-12, Bee Heng)

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From 美兴 Bee Heng Popiah
Priced $4.40 for 2.
Simple choice of snack to share.

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Minimum 2 pieces to order, which will cost you $4.40.
1. Poorly rolled Popiah
2. Poor customer service
3. Effortless in sparse ingredients (no garlic, no lettuce)
4. Plate was thrown to me when it was done.
5. So expensive that I ate it all any way.

I think all in all, it was a bad experience and Fortune Popiah still does it well in ALL aspects from the points above.

You need to order at least 2 rolls of popiah for $4.4. The taste is okay.

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$2.20 for one popiah but you gotta buy 2 minimally per order!! They usually sell out so come early to get your popiah fix. The filling is especially flavorful from the stock that it’s simmered in and always get chili with it which gives it a nice punch. Can’t go wrong at this stall.

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1. Oyster omelette ($10)

I'm not a fan of oyster (it has fishy taste in it), but the omelette was so great!

2. Popiah ($4.40)

It is a fujianese style fresh spring roll, skin was soft and the filling contains of shredded veggie etc.

3. 5 chicken satay and 5 pork satay ($7)

I like the sauce, it goes rlly well with the satay, and the meat itself was tender.

4. Chicken wing ( 5 for $7 )

Been eating this for years - can’t find any better popiah that’s more consistent or as perfect as this

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This was one pretty darn delicious popiah albeit the loosely-packed appearance of the wrap. We weren't expecting much from the look of this, really, but boy, did it blow our minds off when we ate it. Nomnomnommm

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