Claypot Laksa (#01-75, Depot Rd Zhen Shan Mei)

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📍Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei Laksa
Alexandra village food centre (01-75)

Second time eating the depot road laksa! It is now longer presented in claypot style! (They have also covered up the claypot wording on their signboard haha). The queue wait on a PH lunch hour was really long. Almost 30mins wait as each bowl took quite long to be cooked.. peeked in to see how they cook the laksa and realised they actually have two diff broths served in one bowl. One a more diluted light soupy broth and topped up with a thicker laksa broth. The ingredients were cockles, Taupok, fish cake, prawns and shredded chicken! For someone who’s doesn’t eat taupok and cockles i am glad that there are so many other ingredients for me to eat still! Overall a nice bowl of laksa (although my parents tried it and didn’t like it). I thought the price was reasonable (small bowl for $4 and medium bowl for $5). If I compare it to 328 Katong laksa, I think that’s almost $5+ for a small bowl

Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa serves $4/5/6 portions in claypots, elevating the laksa experience. First impression was the rather meagre portion in proportion to its price, which was quickly compensated by the taste. The gravy was fragrant with a moreish spiciness that imparted well to the smooth rice vermicelli, making for a great comfort food on rainy days. Heck, eat whenever.

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“Michelin Bib Gourmand Singapore 2019” ・ 先日発表された2019年のミシュランビブグルマンにシンガポールの58の飲食店が選ばれれましたね! 去年の50店から8店の増加となりました。 そのうち12店(うち8店はホーカーの屋台)が初選出。 ちなみにビブグルマンガイドは「星」を授与する実際のミシュランガイドと別物で、「中程度の価格で特別なおいしい料理」を提供するレストランを強調しているもので、ミシュランのB級グルメ版のようなイメージです。シンガポールのリストの約半分はホーカーなので、500円も出さずにミシュランの味が食べれちゃいます。せっかくなんで、どんどん攻めてみようと思います。 というわけで、早速ですがこの2日間で58店中4店に食べに行ってきました(笑) ・ 📌(15) Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa - Alexandra Village Food Centre ・ まず一発目はクレイポットでサーブされる熱々ラクサ。 貝を入れるかどうか聞いてくれました。 喜んで入れますけど(笑) 味が濃そうな見た目とは裏腹に割とスッキリなラクサ。 最後の最後まで熱々で食べれました。 ・ ・ 【Michelin Bib Gourmand Singapore 2019 食べたお店リスト】 15 (リストに載ってる番号) 計1店(残り57店) #depotroadzhenshanmeiclaypotlaksa #claypotlaksa #alexandravillagefoodcentre #bibgourmand #bibgourmand2019 #michelinguide #michelinguidesg #ホーカーズ#シンガポールグルメ #シンガポール生活 #シンガポールライフ #シンガポール #シンガポール在住 #シンガポール旅行 #lovesg #singapura #singaporelife #singaporeinsta #igsg #singaporeinsiders #🇸🇬 #hawkerfood #hawker #singaporelife #sgfood #sgeats #sgfoodies #foodpics #burpple #みどミシュラン巡り隊 隊員募集中(笑)

Is long queue = good food 🤔
I'm always those lazy bum who ain't willing to queue. But I queued for this and will do it again. For this, the food is really quantity with hums and prawns. While the laska is a little thicker and lesser coconut milk. 😋

Do order large or medium because this is large. Portion wise it isn't as friendly, costed $6 for large. A little expensive for hawker food but worth having it once in a while.

Store name: Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laska


The gravy is addicting, I keep drinking it. But overall, it’s just a normal bowl of laksa.

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Date visited: 4/6/2018 (Mom, 11:30am)

There wasn't a queue at this stall though on weekends, the queue is longer.

At first, I thought it could be because I was early. Then I realised it wasn't the case as I stayed there for lunch till noon. The chicken rice stall; one stall away from the laksa stall, had a long and perpetual queue).

When I first saw the claypot of laksa, it seemed to has different 'dimensions'. There is a layer of thicker gravy at the top of the claypot.

The gravy is good; smooth and Lemak but not overly rich. The soft taupok slices are also the highlight.

However, IMO, I do not think it is a value-for-money dish. I ordered the $4 portion and it came with 3 mini 'hum(s)', a few strands of bean sprouts, some taupok, and a few slices of fishcake.

My husband got the $5 portion. It came in a slightly larger claypot. There's one additional small shelled prawn... and he wasn't filled after finishing everything.

Not worth unless you absolutely love the gravy.

If not, you might be better off joining the queue at the chicken rice stall.



Zhen Shan Mei Depot Road Claypot Laksa 🌶
Never tasted laksa so so different and good at the same time! Loved the Taupok which packed a little punch as well as the noodles that were coated with the savoury broth 💯

2. Seng Heng Carrot Cake 🥕
Never ever been so impressed by carrot cake until I met Seng Heng! Oh boy he cooks such a mean plate that the other stalls are going to cry 😢
🤪 To get more deets about what exactly the 11 of us ate, do hop over to my blog! Link is in my bio!
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It’s one of the must eat dishes at Alexandra Village as the taste can never go wrong. The soup is smooth, coconutty and spicy.

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On one hand, the curry was thick, smooth and lemak yet spicy; on the other, it could be more fragrant other than being spicy. Not bad overall although they could be more generous in their ingredients.
Comparatively, the Dover Rd Wanton Mee was old school and really generous for the noodles and ingredients. Quite tasty for a simple hawker meal.