Iberico Carbonara

$16.00 ยท 2 Reviews

At this point, it's probably safe to say that Ah Bong's cash register and my wallet are old friends. But with such perfectly palatable pasta such as this iberico carbonara at just $16, it's hard not to love this place.

The painstakingly house cured iberico pork guanciale is generously portioned into the luscious pasta, and it's simply divine. I've been informed by Chris that the pork is fried until most of the fat is rendered out, which leaves it with a consistency much like the crispest possible fried lard cubes, but with much less fatty richness and a whole lot more marvelous meatiness. The taste is simply stunning, being savory and meaty in just the right amounts.

The luscious carbonara sauce is achieved with eggs only (!), without any help from butter or olive oil (as is the norm), and certainly without the cheat code of cream. It's so flavorsome and smooth yet oh-so-thick, and is a perfect accompaniment to the earthy mushrooms and perfectly done pasta. No wonder they sold out of this shortly after I ordered it, it's a solid showstopper.

Made with egg, this lusciously thick and creamy carbonara is chock-full of premium Iberico pork guancale and roasted mushrooms. I personally enjoyed chewing on the cubes of meat which were deeply flavourful having been cured in-house. Another big plus about this plate of pasta is its pretty affordable price tag of $16.