Caramel Corn

$10.00 · 2 Reviews

Located a few doors down from Joo Bar along Tan Quee Lan Street is Ah Bong's Italian second outlet. Unlike its original digs in Tiong Bahru which only serves lunch, this location opens for both lunch and dinner! Chef-owner Chris is experimenting more in here, so show your support by trying new items and giving him your feedback. Note that the menu changes daily (the day's offerings are uploaded on their Instagram every morning). If you're in luck, order the Caramel Corn ($10), a surprisingly delicious salty-sweet concoction of black pig bacon, sweet caramelised corn and chili flakes. The signature Birthday Pasta ($9), a winning combination of cream, bacon and broccoli, always satisfies. If you're coming in a group, try the Comfort Eggs ($8) to start— two wobbly eggs served with truffle oil and sausages. Should it be available, have the Thai Tea Creme Brulee ($5). Don't be deceived by its petite serving — it packs a punch of flavour!
Avg price: $15 per person
Photo by Burppler Raine Liu

Caramel Corn - comforting mix of fresh corn, black pig bacon and chili. Love it how flavourful it is with just a few simple ingredients while the slight heat made it so easy to finish. Such a hearty filling lunch for just $10 NETT (!!) 😻 Guess I'll be real back soon!