Truffle Fries

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Probably one of the better things to order here. Fries were hot and crispy when served. The truffle taste only seemed to concentrate at the centre of the fries, but a decent one nonetheless.

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A few weeks after the madding crowd flooded their deli next door, Botanica + Co swoops in with a stunning space for amazing soul food. The lush greenery provides soothing vibes for a day out with friends, while the parmesan-topped Bo+Co Truffle Fries (RM24) will instantly put you in a good mood. Mains are well-varied and sufficiently hearty. The Halibut Fish & Chips (RM36) is seasoned perfectly whereas the Bianca Funghi (RM33) hits the spot with a tinge of sage, garlic oil and an abundance of mushrooms. When tucking into the crisply-baked pizzas here, don't miss out on the sambal-like concoction that comes with it. It's fresh, spicy and packed with umami!
Avg Price: RM50