Vanilla Soufflé

RM15.00 · 23 Reviews

Soft warm souffle topped with interesting flavour of osmanthus maple - perfection!

Fluffy and yummy, this is a seasonal special though some may find the price a bit expensive (RM19) for the portion. The oolong taste is not overpowering and it's nicely paired with the oolong panna cotta. Be forewarned of about 20 minutes waiting time for prep but it's definitely fresh piping hot when it reaches you.

This place churns our the most amazing soufflés and we were quite happy to score a seat last night after dinner. I had mine with salted caramel syrup and honeydew calamansi granita. The soufflé here is incredibly light and not overly sweet.

On their seasonal menu: Matcha Souffle (RM18) with crushed peanut, red bean paste and a choice of grapefruit or honeydew calamansi sorbet. The souffle stood tall even after a few moment of shooting. Fluffy and airy, but I would prefer a stronger matcha flavour.  I’d ordered the vanilla souffle (RM17) too, and it tasted just as good as the past few times I’ve had it.
The space gets filled up around 3-4pm on a weekend, so come early to avoid the wait.


Brightly lit and spacious cafe with a simple menu with adorable illustrations of the dishes. Desserts takes around 20 to 30 minutes as they are made to order. But it's worth the wait.
In frame: Vanilla soufflé with osmathus maple and grapefruit sorbet (RM17). Soufflé was well risen with a golden brown top and beautifully presented. Moist and delicate texture with good amount of vanilla and egg flavour. Osmathus maple syrup was fragrant, paired well with the soufflé but I prefer without.
Besides the sweets, they have a small lunch menu of pasta and sandwiches.
Definitely will go again soon to try out the earl grey milk tea and their current seasonal houjicha soufflé!


1. Vanilla soufflé
2. Houjicha soufflé
3. Earl grey hot
(Refer following post for full description)


A beautifully presented dessert which will definitely look good on your Instagram. The soufflé is soft and airy on the inside with a caramelised crispy top, finished off with a splash of osmanthus maple syrup. The sweetness of the soufflé is balanced off well with a choice of grapefruit or honeydew-calamansi sorbet. I especially love the eggy fragrance that gradually builds up as you dig deeper into it. RM17

(Ps: I chose the grapefruit sorbet solely because of its colour. Pink gives a good contrast to the dish which for me looks better on pictures) 😬


This dessert cafe is a sight set to swoon minimalists with its white walls, grey fleece chairs and window panels overlooking the roads below. When you visit the serene second-floor sanctuary, bring close friends who will gladly take photos with (or for) you as well as share intimate conversations over dessert. Everything on the menu is made to order, so expect oven-fresh goods! Order the Vanilla Souffle (RM15), which takes inspiration from a Taiwanese recipe and rises to the occasion with prominent vanilla and egg flavours, and served with an invigorating grapefruit sorbet and orange sauce. The other dessert that defines Wild Sheep Chase is their Crispy Waffles (RM13). The waffles rely on a perfected, gula Melaka-fragrant batter and sides of earl grey whipped cream and osmanthus maple syrup to impress. The drinks menu reveals more Taiwanese-inflected selections, such as an Earl Grey Milk Tea (RM10) and Oolong Tea Latte (RM12). Both delicately blends tea with creamy milk to create soothing sips, and both will deliver just that.
Avg price per person: RM25
Photo by Burppler Cedric Lim

The haven for souffle lovers will surely rejoice with its latest menu update and not to mention the brilliant idea in putting a twist to the classic souffle with the seasonal menu! The time I visited was the offering of the kiddo which is made with chocolate chips and cocoa powder and its accompanied by the vanilla ice cream which was beautifully decorated with strawberries & blueberries sprinkles of honey cornflakes and not to forget the palate cleanser of grape fruit sorbet.. This is an Amazing idea in making us so excited to eat a souffle as its just so whimsical to have flavors like them and it proves to be worth the wait as its just so delicious and crunchy yet warm in your tummy! Great dessert to chase the blues away