Half and Half Decoration Cake

$40.00 · 1 Review

This two-in-one half strawberry and half chocolate cake is the one you should go for at Chateraise. At first glance, the Half and Half Decoration Cake ($40) looks like a run-of-the-mill strawberry shortcake, but it only takes a bite to realize it is so much more. Unlike other shortcakes where the cream is denser, this cake is immensely light with a foamy, melt-in-your-mouth fresh cream, making it easy to shovel your way through one, or maybe even two slices on your own. if you're looking for a single serving cake that will bring a smile to a birthday girl's face, get the Cute Bear ($4.70) instead. It's a really, really cute dome-shaped chocolate cake that has layers of chocolate cream, crispy wafers and chocolate bits that will illicit that resounding — awww!
*No pre-order necessary for whole cakes
Photo by Burppler Raine Liu