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Melty, gooey cheese topped with honey, thyme and almonds. We really enjoyed this one! Flavours were an explosion of goodness! Gets cold & hardens fast, BUT, you can ask for it to be reheated :)

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Thinking about this mega cheese-y Provoleta ($18++) that swept me off my feet towards the end of 2017.

Consisting of a tower of melted provolone cheese that's topped with almonds, oregano and bathed in honey that gives the perfect balance of sweetness to the otherwise increasing (though not overwhelming) saltiness of the cheese. The almonds go really well with the honey and also provide a crucial crunch that would prevent this dish from feeling flat in texture.

I would say that only true cheese lovers will really appreciate this because it is a dish that's purely cheese with some garnishing at the top. Who knows, the non-believers might become converts themselves after they experience this. 😆

Overhyped imo. Flavour wise it was fine and even though we were notified that the cheese was gonna harden when it cools, it was already very chewy to begin with. At least it was stretchy tho


Provolone cheese, almonds & oregano honey

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So cheesy but I Love ❤️❤️❤️ #argentiniancuisine @bochinchesg .
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happy. satisfied. no, slash that. i am • VERY HAPPY • VERY SATISFIED • waited far too long to come back for this Provoleta at boCHINche and i am over the moon now *rubs tummy tumtum*

oozy, melted Provolone Cheese swimming in whole skillet of Honey and topped with Almonds & Oregano. for cheese lovers, this is truly a mix of sweet and savory match-made in heaven 😍

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YUMS. If you haven't tried this, you must - one of my favourite dishes from their menu. #MediaTasting


Provolone cheese, a type of cow's cheese, originally from Italy but very common in Argentina, grilled with almonds and drizzled with oregano honey and herbs, it has gooey texture while it is warm, but it gets a bit rubbery when it gets colder. So i would recommend for you to quickly savour it right after it is served! A must for cheese lovers like me. Great for sharing!

Luscious and cheesy, I was really impressed by the Argentinian specialty and loving the browned and crisp bits seared by the skillet.

A perfect marriage between savoury melted Provolone cheese and sweet oregano honey, BoCHINche’s “Provoleta” ($17) was incredibly good and an amazing starter. Completed with a kiss of nuttiness and crunchy edge from the chopped almonds, this glorious pan of gooey goodness can get a little heavy especially so when the cheese gradually solidifies. So dig in while it is stretchy, slightly chewy and pipping hot!

Needless to say, I can have it all to myself as the seemingly simple dish had complex and well-harmonized flavours. Definitely a must-try~