Salmon Mentai Don

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guys please try this salmon mentai don!! this stall is a hidden gem located at the third floor of fortune centre (tho it gets slightly crowded thx to the lunch crowds lmaoo) but woah the staff here are so courteous and polite!! they serve a wide variety of food here but what i tried was the salmon mentai bowl upsized ($14+) instead of the regular one ($11+)! they aburi-ed the salmon and gave a dollop of mentaiko sauce in the middle which was really interesting so rmb to spread em bbg 🤤 also pls try the ebi mango maki (6 pcs for $11) they were generous w the mangoes and they were super sweet & the ebi tempura were freshly fried and yumz la overall experience was gr9 hehe ambience q cosy but you wouldn’t wna stay there for long it just feels like you’re at a humble diner!! But rlly 10/10 would go back there again if im feeling a lil more high ses.

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Wild caught salmon available mostly from monday evening to wednesday, but do contact shop to enquire on this limited item. Taste even better than their usual sashimi, which says a lot.

A hidden gem I recently found tucked away in Fortune Centre 💎
This bowl of Salmon Mentai Don may seem small, but it can be sooo addictive! I devoured this in less than 10 minutes cause every mouthful just melts..

Decided to try out $11 Salmon Mentai Don (s size) highly recommended by people and its quite fresh quality for salmon slices. Do be careful for edge of the bowl and they just use blow torch to cook salmon topped with mentaiko sauce and chili flakes. I try out the Japanese Curry next time.

Another hidden gem in bugis! At the 3rd floor of fortune centre in a corner, this quaint tiny shop sells good and affordable Japanese food! The mentai don is just $11💕 the sashimi slices are hugeeee almost fillet like. The don is slightly small in size but the other sides are really generous in portion. The makis are really good too! ( only available after 1230) do come early to grab seats, they close early at 230 and sometimes runs out even before that🌝✨ I didn’t try their curry but I’m sure it’s great toooo;) top in my list for great and affordable jap food🤤
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They raised the prices and the bowls here are only slightly larger than my clenched fist. However these bowls are still delicious! Would recommend that if you’re hungry to just go for the larger bowls.

Tucked away on the third floor of Fortune Centre, the name “Japanese Curry Express” may raise some eyebrows. But look beyond it, and you'd be surprised to find a gem in a little quiet building.
Fresh salmon slices cover a bowl of well seasoned sushi rice, topped with thick dollop of mentaiko torched to perfection, and sprinkled with furikake bits and chilli powder. A bite into the salmon slices smeared my lips with mentaiko sauce because they were so generous with it that it was like gooey thick cream mixing with the meat in my mouth. The resulting Salmon Mentai Don ($14 for large, though wish bowl was bigger) exudes smoky flavours, giving a slightly peaty fragrance. This gem definitely Don disappoint ;)
Fortune Centre
190 Middle Road
Singapore 188979
Opens 11.30am -2.30pm, 5.30pm - 8.30pm daily. Closed on Sundays
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Salmon Mentaiko don for Dinner


For what it is worth, the bowl do serve generosity. Fresh salmon slices, topped with a huge dollop of mentai, torches just a notch to bring out the flavours. And finally sprinkled with dried rice seasoning, and voila, a don that satisfy the masses with its price point and its appeal to the masses.
Great for people who needs a quick meal, because you can’t really linger around, the minute you’re done.m as the owner would chase you out (and totally understandable, the stall is small).