Hibiscus Coffee

RM13.00 · 5 Reviews

After your belly-filling bak kut teh lunch in Klang, unwind at this local cafe decked out in kopitiam decor. The crowd comes for the refreshing Hibiscus Coffee (RM13), a filter coffee-based drink served with pink hibiscus-infused ice cubes — perfect for hot days. A must-try for milk coffee lovers is the Coffee Cube Latte (RM15), cold milk served with coffee ice cubes. The cubes slowly melt into the icy milk to create a super smooth iced latte.


Light and fragrant of sweet floral notes, this iced drink’s perfect for your mid-road trip java hit. You’ll also get to enjoy Seraph Awaken’s wonderfully chill, old-time vibes.


Think a regular ice black with extra floral notes that come from the hibiscus-infused ice cubes. Sweet, refreshing and just damn good.

For caffeine addict there’s this spot in a hole literally in old Klang town that’s open by few passionate coffee lovers in the old shoplot so it does bring a lot of old memories for people that was raised up in Klang. They have a vast offer of coffee to choose from and the famous coffee they’re popular apart from the seasonal beans that they source is the “Hibiscus Coffee” that cost RM12 for a cup with the ice cube have a real petal of hibiscus and it’s pink. Such a bonus for your IG right.