Mace Whole Leg Chicken Rice

RM22.00 ยท 3 Reviews

Just wanted a really good nasi lemak? Or a not-that-spicy-but-still-spicy nasi lemak? Well MACE's whole leg chicken (RM 22.00) provides just that.

While not sporting the typical "lemak rice" as I call it or santan rice, the rice that comes with the dish reminds me very much of yong chow fried rice ๐Ÿ˜‚.

The chicken itself is nicely seasoned and marinated, full of flavour and brings flavour even with the rice.

The star of this dish is however, the sambal. A little spicy, a little sweet, a little salty. Depending on your spicy tolerance level, this is actually not spicy at all for those who can take on the heat and I believe this is actually pretty good for those who can't take the hear but want a little ommph in their dishes.

Papdam gives the whole dish a nice blend of textures - crunchy, tender, soft- all in a plate. Needless to say, this was probably one of the few dishes I really enjoyed and I believe is quite up there.

But I probably would have preferred the thyme rice to go with this - personally of course.


MACE wholeleg chicken rice (RM22) I love this, because the sambal is very nice, very match wit the rice and chicken.