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Coconut Ice Cream

RM12.90 · 3 Reviews

🍦 / Had one too many yummy Thai dishes with Burpplers at #raksomtam Thanks! #burpple

Rak Somtam is relatively new in the Malaysia food scene. Opened for about 4 months at the time of writing, the place is opened by a Malaysian and his Thai wife and aims to introduce thai food to the populace of PJU. Street food style. But of course, everyone's favourite attention catcher has got to be the coconut ice cream. I mean. What? Coconut ice cream? Non-Sangkaya? Whaaat? Will it taste as good as Sangkaya? Isn't that on everyone's minds?

But sorry folks, no room for comparison here, since I believe it caters to two totally different groups of people. Sangkaya's ice cream is rich and creamy in texture and goes for 4 scoops (ping pong ball sized) for RM 10.50.

Rak Somtam's ice cream however, spots a little coconut water and shredded coconut flesh in it and made with no stabilizer. Giving the coconut ice cream an almost snow-like crystalline texture which may or may not appeal to some. Cause you know... some people like it to be ice CREAM. And not ice snow... but it all comes down to the taste. Due to the way it's made, the ice cream is like fine snow and doesn't taste as rich as Sangkaya's, giving it a "refreshing" image. Topped with peanut, corn and nata de-coco, 5 scoops (ping pong size) go for RM 12.90.

So it does really come down to what type you are. Are you the heavy creamy, rich typr? Or the fluffy, fine, soft, subtle and refreshing type?

One step into Rak Somtam, and you'll be transported to Thailand. Not only does the decor boast authenticity, the food here is bound to hit the spot every time you crave a good Thai meal. The food here is great for sharing, and the setting allows for groups 8-10 to dine comfortably together. From something steamy and comforting like a bowl of hot and spicy tom yum (RM19.90) to a simple, flavour-packed Papaya Salad (RM12.90), you and your friends are up for a good meal! Don't miss their sinfully crispy Thai Prawn Cakes with Sweet Chilli (RM16.90) and their Braised Pork Leg (RM21.90) which is so tender that it falls apart at the gentle touch of a fork. Finish off with their coconut ice cream (RM10.90) for a perfect ending.