Sizzling Brownie

RM19.00 Β· 11 Reviews

The walnut brownie with ice cream on top is served on a hot plate and chocolate sauce is poured at the table for that sizzling effect. The hot, rich brownie with cold oreo ice-cream worked so well together. It was so good that I wanted another one.


Throwing back to our first cafe in KL on Saturday. [Sizzling Brownie & Oreo Ice Cream RM19 ↝ S$7.15] brownie on a hot plate with nuts & Oreo, drizzled chocolate sauce all over to get the sizzling effect but it get quite burnt (chao tar) at the bottom which I couldn't really take it.

I've always wanted to try it since the first time I've heard about it. Close to a year, I would say, that I finally tried it. I think I was mostly amazed by the fact that it's a plate of sizzling brownies. I mean, sizzling brownies? How cool?! I still felt like that when it arrived and the chocolate sauce was poured into the pan. To be honest, I didn't realise that it was Oreo ice cream because it didn't taste like Oreo to me. Even so, it was still good. It was probably just me who couldn't taste the Oreo anyway. I liked it, the brownies. I loved it. I'd come back for that again. It was worth the RM19. It was how I like my brownies. Chewy, moist and with ice cream 😍

It's chocolate and it sizzles! Need I say more??

This sizzle goodness can be found at AcmeBar & Coffee (ABC), The Troika. The place has a timeless design and a really comfortable outdoor seating especially from sunset onwards. You get a magnified view of the elegantly litted Petronas Twin Towers in the evening, comfortable seats with a running fan under them too make sure you stay cool and mossy-bite free! Oh and not forgetting the company of delectable food.

Service = 2 thumbs up!

Just a little tip... make sure you enjoy your brownie while the choco is still warm and top it off with a bit of ice-cream in every scoop for maximum satisfaction ;)

One of the signature dessert of this cafΓ©! The brownie comes in a sizzling hot pan and a scoop of ice cream on top. Get your camera ready before the sinful chocolate is carefully poured all over the brownie. Don't forget to click the snap button while your eyes enjoy the chocolaty smoke and your ear listening to the 'hissy' sound. Forget about the calories girls, this is so worth it!


The warm brownie and the Oreo ice-cream is a totally the perfect combo and I love the bits and pieces of Oreo biscuits in the ice-cream. Super sinful indeed!