Hong You Chao Shou

$4.50 · 9 Reviews

Hands down the best Hawker stall for Chinese dumplings in Singapore.

Honestly, i havent been a big Fan of Dumpling but once in a while, one comes along and blow your mind.

The simplicity of the taste profile belies the perfection of damn near every facet of the dish. From the skin, that's just Thin enough, to the sweet, juicy pork, and the vinegar, every component was so good and so addictive. The chili adds just enough kick, and the coriander amps up the fragrance.


Damn shiok.

Got introduced to these juicy bombs recently and I love it. These Szechuan spicy wantons (or Hong You Chao Shou, 红油抄手; $4.50 for 10 pcs) are doused in the perfect balance of vinegar and chili oil to make a wonderfully flavourful sauce without being too spicy. What separates this apart from other establishments would be the texture of the wanton - soft and firm. How can I only have 10 of these? I need more! #burpproved

So a colleague recommended another place that serves hong you chao shou. Not complaining as this was really good even though this was my second plate of this dish in 3 days! The vinegar and chilli oil adds even more layers of tastes to the already tasty dumplings. Simple yet flavourful; highly recommend! 😋

Don’t think I’ve posted about this before but these handmade dumplings are the best I’ve had anywhere in SG, and yes, they are definitely comparable to those you find in restaurants! Handmade daily, these wantons have the most silky smooth skins with a well seasoned pork filling. The best part of it all though, is that SPICY SAUCE, a spot on balance of vinegar and heat, making it all soooooo appetising! Have been having these for the longest time ever and the quality has never been compromised. #BurppleMajulahMakan #BurppleChinatown

A muuuuuust-have if I'm in Chinatown, this stall sees a perpetual queue for their wide array of dumplings, whether they're pan-fried, steamed or doused in the gravy of the gods. 😛

My favourite out of all their offerings, these silky dumplings swimming about in a spicy, vinegary sauce is sure to get your appetite going. You might be tempted to share, but you'll likely regret that decision. 👅💦💦💦

Thanks to @burpple's Cheap and Good Meals under $10, I found myself wandering along the rather large Hawker Centre in Chinatown Complex (yes the very same one with the Michelin One Star Soy Sauce Chicken, this stall is rather near, by the way) looking for unit 02-135. Undistracted by temptation, I was rewarded with 10 beautifully wrapped 紅油抄手 (Sze Chuan Chili Dumpling - $4.50!!). Everything was oh so perfect on this plate, the heat and sourness from the vinegar and spice, the silkiest wanton wrapping and the well-balanced bounciness of the prawn and meat filling. The only flaw? I wish I could have 10 or 100 more of these babies 🐷
This currently ranks number one in my ❤️now (sorry Auntie and Uncle from 936 LTN), watch this space while I unearth more yummy dumplings!

Totally craving for these velvety thin parcels (thick and floury ones are such a turn-off for me) encasing fresh pork and prawns with a hint of pepper, doused in a piquant reservoir of red chili oil and black vinegar now. It also doesn't hurt that it's incredibly affordable, at only $4.50 for 10 ping pong-sized dumplings.

They also serve up a mean rendition of xiao long bao, skillfully folded into thin, yet resilient vessels containing a magical broth & pork filling. Try also their delicious Zha Jiang Mian (Minced Pork Handmade Noodles) and Hot & Sour soup (they are so generous with their ingredients)! #burpple #hawkergems #foodspotting #cheapandgood