Barbecue Pork Chop

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Finally dragged myself to Yuhua market to try the western food that many have raved about. Was a tiny bit disappointed when the grilled pork chop I wanted to try sold out. So I opted for this pasta. It was not bad! The pesto here is not the creamy sort, and it is quite a potent pesto with strong herby grassy flavours. I love it but if you don't like grassy aromatics like parsley/coriander, you might want to give this a miss. Salmon was wonderful - crisp skin and soft flesh. The portion seemed small at first but it was actually quite a lot.

This Western stall by night (it's a coffeeshop in the day) may only operate after 5pm, but its never-ending stream of customers is testament to how value-for-money the food is here. Regulars of The Carving Board know that its best to come as early as 5pm to snag a seat. Expect everything "western" you can think of — pasta, burgers, grilled meats and ribeye steaks, all reasonably priced below $20. The customisable Spaghetti (from $5) is what you should come for — al dente spaghetti tossed in your desired sauce (tomato, cream, spicy tomato or aglio olio) with choices for add-ons like Grilled Zucchini ($1), Smoked Duck ($3.50) and Seafood ($3.50). For heartier mains, the saucy Barbecue Pork Chop ($9) that comes with a side of salad greens and sauteed potatoes will fill you up just right.
Avg price: $10 per person
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the pork chop is tender and flavourful, and the curry mayo fries were good too, with spices and tomato, it doesn't get boring even till the end!

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The pork chop was tender and juicy despite being grilled on the outside. Their barbeque sauce tasted a tad different from normal bbq sauce but provided a more smoky taste that went really well with the pork chop. Price: $9

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Served at a new western stall which takes over the entire food court in the evening which also serves beers along with bar bites named The Carving Board. One of the mains available from the grill would be this Barbecued Pork Chop; tenderly grilled and juicy with light hints of pepper in the marination. BBQ sauce seems to be house-made; tasted pretty near a brown sauce with black pepper than the usual Hickory-style. While the Pork Chop were decent the sides were a bit off; the caramalised onions with potatoes came with a tinge of sweetness with thinly sliced potato slices which was decent but better when warmed (although it also reminded me of a similar cai png side), while the garden salad had a rather sharp sour dressing that was not to my liking.