Vegan Bowl

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Falafel, beetroot hummus, baked pumpkin, zoodles (cucumber noodles), quinoa and pesto sauce. The highlight of this dish was the beetroot hummus - the brightly coloured mash was delicious to eat!

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Absolutely loved the beetroot hummus. The quoina and cauliflower patty is pretty good too except some parts are too hard and dry. Broccoli tasted a bit blend. But overall it's a good healthy. Got it on the day that they had 1 for 1 so it's pretty worth it.

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I was really impressed by their grain bowls! The portions were quite small tho.. Ordered
1) Salmon shirataki ($13.90)
-The baked salmon fillet was not too dry/hard. Not the best salmon fillet i had but i must say its pretty good for a grain bowl standard.
2) Avocado vegan bowl ($11.90)
- The beetroot humus was really really impressive!! I think its my favourite side!! The humus wasnt too clogging/jelat and i think i tasted cumin (which makes it really fragrant)
- The quinoa cauliflower patty was also very nice! I love the slight crispness and was glad that it wasnt too dry.
-The other sides were pretty ordinary and didnt had their own special flavour. The broccoli felt raw and was quite hard. The roasted curry cauliflower didnt had any curry taste?
-Orange passion vinaigrette dressing was really nice, fragrant and not overly sweet. Really love the passion fruit fragrance.

As DIY bowls werent under the 1for1 promotion, it was a pity that i couldnt customise my bowl. Nonetheless, i am glad they have this DIY option so that i can choose sides and mains that i like hehe😊

Worth it: 2.5/5
Taste: 3.5/5
Ratings: 6/10 (A bit too pricey without 1for1 considering that their portion is decent but on the smaller side. The regular bowl costs $11.90 while the large bowl with additional main costs $13.90. Tbh i still feel that Freshbeets at habitat by honestbee sells the best grain bowl in the sense that every side has its own unique flavour and marination... Just hoping that they wouldnt skimp on the ingredients with the price increase in my subsequent visits)

No go
Can go 😊
Must go


Interesting combination of ingredients which would have been better if the dory fish fillet was fresh! Was a little hard as if it had been left out for a while. Nevertheless, this bowl had really nice and refreshing ingredients that complemented one another - quinoa, boiled broccoli and cauliflower, together with the mentaiko sauce with fish roe. The portion was just right too.

I have reviewed the menu at haakon for quite a few times but haven’t found anything that excites me . Intrigued by some reviews on haakon’s salad bowls - I took the opportunity to have a quick lunch there .

I opted for the beetroot hummus bowl with avacado , grilled peppers, corn, tomatoes , quinoa and greens. The salad bowl was visually beautiful but I found that the portion to be rather small for the price charged.
Also - the green salad that the cafe used is the Roman lettuce which somehow doesn’t complement the salad bowl and has a pretty strong aftertaste . I would have prefer the use of a higher quality of mixed greens 😇.

A little disappointed ....

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Been exercising a little more frequently these days so feel the need to eat clean (so as to not be counter-effective!) Glad to be at Haakon for dinner tonight for their nutritious and wholesome, yet filling bowls. Really makes eating clean a whole lot easier and yummier! I customised mine, choosing the half brown rice and salad option, and would say it’s a decent serving size. Been going meatless pretty regularly now so I opted for tofu, beetroot hummus, mushrooms and veges to fill up my bowl.

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David Papkin Haakor Singapore Review.fresh salad bowls and smoothie bowls. Super fresh ingredients Thwe vegan bowl was awesome with beet hummous and avocado. Highly recommended.End of David Papkin Review #davidpapkin

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This bowl includes Norwegian smoked salmon, a baked egg, edamame, quinoa, tomatoes and romaine, as well as a choice of dressing. I thought this was only ok, the ingredients were fresh enough but not spectacular. I liked that it included slices of lemon, but there was no feta in it as was mentioned in the menu. 🤷🏻‍♀️ A boiled egg (instead of the baked) would probably have kept better seeing as these bowls are pre-prepped and then refrigerated.

What I did like was that there was quite a generous portion of smoked salmon - which was what made me order it over an acai bowl.

I also got the green goddess juice ($5.50/6.50) - a blend of greens, celery, apple, cucumber and lemon. Just what I needed on a sweltering hot day.

A bed of romaine lettuce with delightful ingredients such as #avocado, sundries tomatoes, marinated carrots, quinoa and a really interesting #beetroot #hummus that was surprisingly yummy. Added on a portion of Cajun chicken (+$3) for some protein. #xuannyeatsclean #burpple

Smoked Salmon, Feta, Quinoa, Egg, Edamame
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