Banana Pancake

$8.90 ยท 6 Reviews

Nice little cafe usually nested in the heart of Bedok Reservoir HDB estate. The "It's Salmon Time" and "Fuel Me Up" are wholesomely cooked and serving portions are more than adequate. The banana pancakes are delightfully fluffy and ideal for sharing after a heavy meal. Kudos to Refuel for pricing their menu reasonably. Definitely worth a subsequent visit.


Fuel plus/breko cafe's sister cafe i believed in bedok. Similar more affordable brunch and western menu with some changes here and there. One of the exclusives here is the pancake banana ($9 5). 3 banana pancakes with sunflower seed, chocolqte syrup and ice cream. While the pancakes are much thinner than your usual, it still still a little bit of fluff, banana was not really tasteable in the batter though they served this with banana 4/5


Glad you enjoyed the treat โค๐Ÿ˜…
The food here was really on point and price point was on the lower side. One of the best pancakes with actual banana bits embedded in the pancakes. Will definitely return!

Food in frame: Extra Tank ($16.50) & Banana Pancakes ($9.50) ๐Ÿ‘‹: @jerroldpwg

Added bacon to the banana pancake. The pancake costs $9.90, and bacon $2.50... That's why... Not recommended to add additional sides... Pretty good value for money for the pancake itself!

New cafe less than one month old .. Located at Bedok reservoir road

Banana Pancakes come with garden salad and scrambled eggs. Those irregular pancakes may not be the best way to present delectable pancakes, but the batter used is filled with mushy bananas which was pretty fragrant. Scrambled eggs were creamy and runny, while the garden salad seemed a tad butter. Simple, yet comforting brunch fare indeed!