Prawn and Seafood Hot Pot

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The owner was proudly sharing his soup recipe to the diners seated beside us as we were having our meal. His secret? Quality ingredients.

Our hotpot was served with pieces of pork rib and pig tail, lean pork slices, some innards, white clams, huge prawns, crab and white cabbage.

Taste: 7/10

Price: 6/10 (We paid a total of $50 for a huge pot full of quality ingredients and 2 bowls of refillable prawn noodles.. It was definitely not an expensive meal, but considering the soup base was the prawn noodle broth and each bowl of prawn mee goes for $10, I’m not too sure if I would return for this hotpot..)

Crab Steamboat ($55)
After facing rejection countless times due to the need to brave the heat eating at a hawker centre, I finally managed to grab a companion to join me at Wen Wen Pork Rib Prawn Noodle to try their Crab Steamboat on a rainy evening. According to the stall, it is best that this steamboat be had after 6pm as that’s when the stock has developed enough flavour after simmering for the entire day. He was right! Most prawn mee stock I’ve had is usually murky from all the pork being cooked. Instead, Wen Wen’s was a clear broth that packed mainly the sweet umami goodness of all the seafood. So for the price, we get pork ribs, pig’s tail, pig intestines, big prawns, clams, and the crab full of roe. With so much seafood simmering over a slow fire during the meal, the prize really is the taste of the soup towards the end of our meal. Do note that you are also allowed to bring your own ingredients to add to the steamboat and I would strongly recommend bring more vegetables as it’ll cost $5/bowl from the stall.


Back to Wen Wen (in Geylang Bahru) ‧⁺◟( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ )

Love the seafood flavors and the super generous ingredients; it came loaded with crab, prawns, pork ribs, intestines (also you can order their prawn noodles FOC), and you can always bring your own ingredients to add! Also uncle is seriously the nicest hawker ever. Only downside is the hawker setting, but this is really worth the sweat.

A favourite on Burpple's Hawker Hot 100 list last year, this Old Airport Road Food Centre prawn noodle stall serves up one shiok hotpot. Boosted with the sweetness of prawns and robustness from the pork ribs, the base broth is without a doubt one of the winning points here. The heavenly broth is filled generously with seafood (prawn, clams and a whole crab) and fall-off-the-bone pork ribs. What we also appreciate is that we get to bring our own ingredients to further fill the pot — think mushrooms, fishballs and all the vegetables you fancy! The Prawn Broth Hot Pot (from $55 for two people) is not listed on their menu, so call ahead to let friendly owner Richard know to prepare it in advance for your party.
Avg price: $25
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Zhihui Lim

Seafood hotpot.

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The broth was super tasty thanks to the generous ingredients the uncle gave us: lala clams, crab, prawns, pork ribs, and pig intestines (it originally comes with pigs' tails and skin too, but we decided to opt out of them). The hotpot also comes with unlimited bowls of noodle with super shiok chilli and pieces of lard.

Nothing beats great company and good food - especially indulging in comforting eat-till-you-burst hotpots, the ultimate communal activity imho!

A brillant brillant idea, Wen Wen Big Prawn Mee manage to combine two local favourites that is prawn noodles and steamboat into a shiok-tastic upsized, upgraded version. Starting at $50 for 2 pax, the heavenly broth is filled with tons of seafood (prawn, clams and a WHOLE crab), fall-off-the-bone pork ribs, pig tails and intestines but of course you can request to have them replaced with more of your preferred item (not the crab ah). And the best part is that you can BRING YOUR OWN INGREDIENTS, a total customizable hotpot! Imagine shabu shabu meats, more seafood and all your favourite vegetables so we bought loads of enoki mushrooms as well as cabbage to soak up all that goodness. On top of that, there is unlimited serving of carbs (noodles/rice)~ YAS!

The flavourful stock which is the highlight of the entire experience is worth an entire paragraph dedicated to explain its yumminess. Enriched from all the ingredients, the robust broth is just spot on as you get the natural sweetness of the prawns with a boost from the ribs. Harmonized perfectly, it just gets better as it continues to boil and it is said to be enhanced with Pu-er tea. None of that MSG-induced thirst, the sweet, savoury soup also had a great depth of flavours. And a tip, if you still have space, is to finish things off with a refreshing cup of chilled barley two stalls down at Li Rong Coffee Stall.

You really can’t ask for more, so guuud (but please ask for more soup)! Do call ahead to reserve and prep your items beforehand. Psst there is a Fairprice nearby.

Back at Wen Wen for the second time after what seems like forever but the wait was so worth it. ✨We paid $70 for 5 pax. Unlimited noodles and refills of that amazing broth in a mix of crabs, clams, prawns, intestines and pork ribs along with shabu pork and veg we brought along. S H I O K. Their contact number for reservations has changed to 90265983 and I think they now provide additional vegetables for top up if you forget to bring your own!

Second time here but still amazed like the first time by the DAMN SHIOK broth, sweetened by all the goodness - you've got prawns, crab, clams, pork ribs/ intestines etc., minimal msg and enhanced by Pu Er Tea. Wasn't thirsty despite inhaling bowls of it.

Such a unique offering in a hawker center! And so bustling on a Wednesday evening too. Imagine the best prawny crabby prawn mee broth, rich but not too rich that you can inhale a whole pot of it. And loaded with goodies! Prawns, the freshest crab, small intestine, pork rib, tail, and unlimited soup. Add abalone if you wish! It's no wonder so many customers bring their own toppings (mushrooms, tofu, veg, etc) and most tables there was prepared! Not only that the set came with unlimited portions of dry noodles coated in a light (but lethal) chili. Perfect companion to the addictive soup! Head down on that chilly night and prepare to wait for this unique offering at old airport road hawker center. Remember to bring some add ons too!