Original Crispy Fried Duck with Rice

$9.90 · 9 Reviews

It is quite good. It comes with rice, tofu, and tempe. The price is $9.9.

Original crispy fried duck rice served with tofu, tempeh and side salad

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Finally made the revisit here to try their signature item — the previous time being years ago before their renovation and with their old menu. Always had a soft spot for duck; the Bebek is fried with a golden brown exterior — crisp outside, whilst being savoury and tender inside without being dry with the juiciness of the flesh still locked in. So on point, and still my favourite Bebek in town, and a dish that is seemingly hard to find in Singapore.


The skin is so crispy, while the duck meat is so juicy and tender and together with the solid spicy chili, i will definitely be back for more!
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I have never tried fried duck before and was blown away by this delicious version served here. The skin is so crispy and duck meat is juicy and tender; accompanied by the spicy yet solid chili, will be back again real soon.

Orchard is one of the more difficult places to try to dine affordably as a group. Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut, however, is a spicy glimmer of hope. Located on the first floor of Lucky Plaza, manoeuvre your way to this comfortable space away from the bustle for a simple yet satisfying meal. This restaurant chain from Indonesia is known for its Original Smash Fried Chicken with Rice ($7.90) and the Original Crispy Fried Duck with Rice ($9.90). These individual sets come with rice, tofu, tempeh and salad on the side, so no sharing is necessary. Marinated in a savoury blend of secret spices, the meats are tasty and very crisp on the outside. For something a little different, try the Crispy Fried Duck in Green Chili with Rice ($9.90). Otherwise, feel free to choose your own adventure, — it’ll be great no matter what.

Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burppler Jayne Tan

This was surprisingly good! Yes the duck is a tiny bit dry, but I wasn't expecting a super moist inside considering how nice and crisp the skin was. The chili given (not pictured) was suuuuper spicy, so I could only have a bit of it. Want to try the green chili version next time! Didn't feel guilty eating this at all, somehow it all felt light and satisfying at the same time.


Pan-fried without oil, it is amazing how crisp this fried duck is without even feeling at any bit greasy. The skin was crisp and partially smoky, especially at the parts that nearer to the charred bits. Inside, the meat comes off the bone easily; tender, juicy and savoury. Have some of it with their signature spicy chili and it immediately kicks up the fire by a few notches but so shiok at the same time. Even the beancurd at the side comes crisp on the exterior and smooth and silken inside. Makes me wonder where else in Singapore can I get Indonesian-styled fried duck because I am pretty sure I am definitely craving for one soon!