Ola Jungsik

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Ask any Koreans living in KL where they frequent for a taste of home and it's likely Ola! is on the list. Chic, spacious and boosted by greenery, the restaurant falls somewhere between casual and smart to suit various occasions โ€” even a laidback business lunch. Stray away from the run-of-the-mill bibimbap or kimchi stew and look instead to their less common offerings of traditional Korean dishes. The Ola Jungsik Set (RM84 for two) is great for those who enjoy variety, plus it's an affordable way to try the otherwise premium-priced halmae bossam (kimchi-wrapped pork). The well-portioned set also comes complete with smoked pork and duck, soybean paste stew, vegetables and a choice of stone pot rice or noodles. Alternatively, try the Ssambap Set (RM70 for two). The country-style delicacy of lettuce wraps filled with rice and flavoured toppings (typically fish) is a healthy yet tasty option to fill up on at lunch!
Avg price per person: RM40
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Located on the first floor of Soho KL, Ola!'s garden theme comes through in both the green decor and their generous provision of nine vegetable banchans (side dishes) at every table of two or more. For lunch dates with your meat lover of a boyfriend, the Ola Jungsik (RM84 for two pax) is a heaven-sent meal โ€” think halmae bossam (kimchi-wrapped pork), smoked duck and doenjang jigae (soybean paste stew) with brown rice or noodles. Sounds underwhelming? The nine banchans served alongside will prove otherwise. Mark this venue down for when you have cash and calories to spare on luscious meats, while still keeping your veggie intake in check.
Avg Price: RM45
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Set Lunch (Jungsik)
Served with Koreans Side Dishes
RM42 (min.2 pax)
*Soup, Kimchi, Seasonal salad, Halmae-bossam, Assorted korean pan fried vegetables, Smoked pork, Smoked duck, Doenjang-jjigae, Noodles with sauteed vegetables, Tafu with stir-fried kimchi, Nutritious stone pot rice or noodles, Dessert
*Spacious environment
*Owner is nice & friendly
*Tafu & salad is nice

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