The Monkey King

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Waffles are historically a Belgian dish cooked from dough and batter between two iron plates resulting in a criss cross pattern, and is commonly found throughout many cuisines around the world.
The Monkey King waffle at Fluffed in served with black chocolate ice cream, caramelised banana, salted caramel and almond praline. The waffle itself was crispy, flavoured well and cooked thoroughly, without that undercooked batter you sometimes find elsewhere. The black chocolate ice cream gives it a heavy and luxurious richness that you won't not expect, with caramelised bananas and almond praline adding an intense fruity and nutty sweetness. Definitely a great find.
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Charcoal waffle with peanut butter and banana. Very nice combination and well excute.


And now we are Fluffed with its spaced.

Went back to @fluffedcafe for my perfect round waffles , "The Monkey King" that topped with a dark chocolate ice cream and caramelized banana.
It's not my home but it just feels like a home.

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@instagram I can't lift the heavy weight in my hearts . 😷 #Burpple #whywhiteworks #mycafefood