Big Grey Wolf

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Can’t remember the exact name but I like this - less sweet of the lot and the earl grey ice cream brings out the flavour of the waffle 🧇


Always never a disappointment! Loved the praline almond and earl grey ice cream combo so much!

📷 In frame: ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Big Grey Wolf (Charcoal Waffle, Earl Grey Ice Cream, Salted Caramel)⁣ [RM21]
✨: I love a good waffle topped with ice cream, and Fluffed delivers just that. The charcoal waffle not only had a crisp shell and fluffy insides, but also a fragrant buttery, salty-sweet flavour. So even on its own, the waffle holds strong ground. The warm waffle contrasting with the cool ice cream simply ups the dish's game. ⁣⁣

💬:⁣ This would be perfect if only the salted caramel was dispersed evenly throughout the waffle. In my waffle's case, the caramel was pooled in the centre which made a few bites overpoweringly sweet. Wouldn't have minded if there was an extra scoop of ice cream too 😂 ⁣⁣
Good company, sweet treats, a cozy space; what more can one ask for? ⁣⁣

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Chewy boba adds a very nice texture to the soft and crispy waffle. Their earl grey ice cream has a very strong earl grey taste, yet not too sweet, paired perfectly with the crispy waffle. The disappointing point on the dish is the earl grey pudding, it is overly sweet with super strong milky taste which I don't enjoy at all. But overall the dish is really satisfying and great for sharing.

Charcoal waffle, almond praline, earl grey ice cream and strawberries.


Earl grey icecream and strawberry slices atop of a charcoal based waffle.
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Really good waffles with ice cream and other toppings depending on what you order. These are great for sharing! Had the “Pooh Bear’s favourite” and “Monkey King” and both were great but the boys on the table preferred monkey king which came with a huge scoop of chocolate ice cream. I personally preferred the former which came with earl grey ice cream (if I’m not mistaken), hence a lighter flavour.

Generally, follow what the menu recommends and you won’t be disappointed! Apart from waffles, the strawberry shortcake is a good option too! It was light and fluffy. The rose latte was very nice as well.

Service is quick and staff are friendly and attentive. Nice cozy place to catch up with friends and family.

Average price for most the waffles would be about RM20.


First impression is this cafe has a cute logo. The cafe's interior was really simplistic with some couches that looks homey and comfortable. Unfortunately all of them are occupied when I visited the place.

I went to this place in a mission to get my hands on their Snoopy & Peanuts waffle to proclaim myself as a good Peanuts fan. I was super disappointed when I knew that they ran out of that choice of waffle when it was just 3PM. So, learning from my experience, you better come early to reserve your favorite choice of waffle before they ran out! Instead, I got myself Big Grey Wolf (RM19), charcoal waffle served with earl grey ice cream, almond praline and fresh strawberries. The waffle here is delightfully crispy on the outside, light on the inside, and smells fragrant. Earl grey tea ice cream was creamy, sweet and rich enough, making a perfect combination with the charcoal waffle. The almond praline was sweet and crunchy, the strawberry added subtle sweetness and acidity to the overall palette.

I also tried their unique lavender latte (RM10) which was very fragrant. I didn't have the heart to drink it, I just want to smell the lovely fusion scent of coffee and lavender.

On my next visit I would like to try the cute little cakes displayed on their cabinet.


Am glad to be able to visit @fluffedcafe which located in Taman Paramount on a rainy Sunday.

Big Grey Wolf as the unique name where it is topped with an earl grey ice cream with some berries on it would definitely satisfied your tastebuds.

Enjoy a 15% on your total bill before their official launch peeps. Yummy perfect round waffles.

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