Creamy Butter Milk Chicken Rice

RM12.20 ยท 1 Review

The place always crowded, no surprise from the most popular buttermilk dish in town. Try to avoid peak lunch time rush hour and also note their long cooking time.

Even though they're famous for their buttermilk chicken dish, I ordered the buttermilk fish instead. The regular set (RM12.20 with GST) comes with a complete course of main dish, rice, soup, one glass of teh 'O" ice. Some cabbage are layered underneath the sauce, makes it taste a little cabbage-y, and connects the soup served in the set. The sauce is deliciously creamy and brightly shines as the main attraction of the dish!

Everything just taste exactly right and served in a perfect portion, not making you too full or queasy because it's too creamy. I often come to this place for a never-disappointing meal everytime I visit!