Sweet and Sour Crab

RM89.00 Β· 6 Reviews

We queued 30 minutes for this to try some of Klang Valley’s most popular crabs. One of the two cooking styles available here is the sweet and sour crab. The sauce was unique in its own way where it was tangy and slightly spicy. Wasn’t totally convinced by its popularity but was worth a try.

We got here overwhelmed by the long queue, but managed to be patient and wait for our table πŸ˜‚ ordered the famous Sweet and Sour Chili Crab (RM192 for 6 - didn't get to take note of the gm pricing ✌🏻️).

Never a fan of shell-covered food as I would need extra effort before I could eat it, and to think we had to line up 30mins and wait for our food for a couple more, an impatient me would really be upset. πŸ˜… But the food served looked so gooood, tasted nice(!!) and we got to eat a lot of meat after cracking them shells 😁 totally recommended! The chili sauce has just the right amount of sweet+sour+spicy taste which seeps inside the meat. Yumyum. 😍

I am not sure if this is an overhyped place as I haven't been eating crabs on the area (reason above lol) but it totally didn't disappoint :)

We finished at around 930 and there are still people in line 😱 better be early!

Seafood lovers must really come and try this! The crab is just fresh and the meat is well cooked. Tried the Sour Spicy Crab and it was just yums! Also, while waiting for the crab, you can also order the chicken wings at rm3 per pc. Definitely a thumbs up for Fatty Crab.

Note: if you want to eat at Fatty Crab, make sure u go early coz the queue is long...but the wait is sure worth it!

Famous for the crabs, this place is definitely a must try if you want some good crabs. They also have toasted bread and fried rice for you to eat along with the crabs and the gravy. The gravy is actually very tasty.

Crabby meal! #dinner #crab #spice heat #yummy #fun #love #tgif