Katsu Black Curry

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Just kidding!
Kid's Curry ($9.80) from Bear's Curry Café & Bar at Japan Foods Garden. Non-spicy Japanese curry with cute "bear" rice. Supposed to be cute and kid-friendly, but I made it look like a scene from a horror movie instead. Sorry bear! Well, Japanese curry rice must mix together and eat then oishii right?!
For a fiery kick, opt for the Curry Rice Black ($11.80). A devilish rice bear lying on a pool of Japanese black curry which is tinted with charcoal powder and curry powder for that extra oomph!
PS: No bears were harmed in the making of this video.

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A section of the Food Republic in the basement of Shaw House has been redeveloped to include five new Japanese concepts, all of which aim to provide quality Japanese cuisine at pocket-friendly prices. The ample seating space, sheer variety of items and affordable prices make this a family-friendly meal option, and can accomodate a large group of friends looking to dine together in town without a reservation. The five concepts offer vastly different dishes, from freshly-made soba to steamed unagi and traditional Kyoto small plates. Go for the Katsu Black Curry ($14.80) — charcoal powder infused Japanese curry with a mildly spicy aftertaste or the hearty Ten Don ($11.80) that comes with eight pieces of freshly fried tempura (sadly there’s no oozy onsen egg here). Don't leave without trying the Unagi Seiro Mushi 1 Layer ($28.80) from Akasaka Yukun — a 60-year-old unagi stall that specialises in steaming unagi slices.
Avg Price: $15 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua