Unagi Seiro Mushi 1 Layer

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One of my favourites at Japan Foods Garden is this steamed box of goodness from Akasaka Yukun. A bed of seasoned rice is topped with shredded egg and lined nicely with sliced eel. The glaze applied to the eel before steaming, gives it a sweet note and everything is just so simple yet tasty. If you've got a bigger appetite, they have a 2-layer option for this Unagi Seiro Mushi, but I say check out the other options available at Japan Foods Garden too. ๐Ÿ˜‹

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Last few days to try the Unagi Seiro Mushi 1 layer (which is their signature item) for half its original price (RRP: $28.80) ๐Ÿ˜ฑ which is a totally great deal. ๐Ÿฑ
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All the Japanese concepts are sprouting around town, and Food Republic at Shaw House now has an entire Japanese section named Japan Foods Garden with four stalls that serves various Japanese fare. This is from Akasaka Yukun, specializing in Unagi. This is essentially a rice box filled with slabs of Unagi. The Unagi pieces were delectable, smothered in a good amount of glazing for that sweet-savoury flavour while the chunks weren't too scaly โ€” the consistent texture makes it very delightful and easy to eat. Strips of tamago in the middle helps lift its aesthetic as it adds a burst of colours to the rice box, while the rice below seems to be fried with perhaps garlic (?); the rice carried a light savoury flavour which complimented the Unagi well without clashing, also carried a very light and pleasant smokiness that makes it really appetising. Coming with Miso Soup and pickled vegetables on the side, make use of the 50% opening promotion to get this at $14.40 nett instead f it's original price of $28.80 (which is a very good deal btw).