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Otah Pizza

$24.00 Β· 5 Reviews

Otah pizza so sedap we forgot to snap a picture till the last slice!! Must try!!


Made a trip down here for their famed otah pizza & I was most definitely not disappointed! πŸ•πŸ•Seemingly underwhelming when it was first served, a bite in & my eyes just lit up! πŸ‘€βœ¨ The crispy paper thin crust turns out to be prata! Unlike the usual thin crust dough based pizzas. Along w the prata, the aromatic & intense spiced flavors of otah engulfed my entire mouth. What made this pizza really outstanding was that the otah was not littered in chunks on the base rather, it was spread on like the tomato sauce of our usual pizzas! So every bite ensured a mouthful of otah goodness πŸ‘…β€οΈ & of cuz, the secret ingredient is always cheese. The generous molten cheese muted just enough of the otah's spice, allowing a good amount of heat thru. I will most definitely come back for this pizza! #dayum #yummos


I've been hearing raving reviews about their otah pizza, so I decided to give it a try, and boy I wasn't disappointed at all!

This amazing creation of homemade otah, along with their sambal paste, ikan bilis and cheese, topped on a thin crust just blew my mind.

It really encompass all the intended flavours and ideas into one. Do ask for an additional sambal paste to go along with the otah pizza.

...and not forgetting, the pale ales that they have on menu to flush down all the wholesome goodness!

C: 634 P: 13 C: 43 F: 16

Lee Tai Fu is a small, laidback neighbourhood concept bar that offers a wide array of craft beers, be it staples or seasonal.

The menu is original and legit, such as their otah pizza, sambal pork ribs, and some other regional and mexicana style.

Oh, this bottle of milk stout is medium bodied, creamy with a slight cocoa and lactose nose. The milk stout is better off with their light and fried bites whereas the pale ales goes well with their meals!

C: 135 P: 1 C: 19 F: 0