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Excellently grilled unagi with a slight crust giving way to moist insides. This is the place I would honestly come back to over and over again if I had the cash to spare. But prices seems to have risen since the last time I was here.
But all in all, a great dining experience and definitely not to be missed especially if you are a fan of eels

I can now finally understand the appeal of man man. It’s not your ordinary Unagi Don where the eels are drenched in sweet sauce. The unagi here are grilled to a crisp with just a slight coat of sauce.

I enjoyed all the recommended ways to eat this bowl i.e. original, with wasabi and with broth.

The queue is justified and it’s not that long a wait as they only allow 40mins dining time for the patrons now. πŸ˜…

My favourite unagi don in Singapore!! The eels were grilled in a way that the sides are crispy. Goes well with the caramelised soy sauce. Highlight was the fresh and real wasabi that we could grate from the stem!! 🀀

Loving the good old unadon from Man Man Unagi. Lending quote from my bf because I’m having mind block: β€œYour one stop station for unagi”
Hokkaido Ikura Hitsumabushi $53.70++
Large Hitsumabushi $41.90++

24 Jun’19, Mon⛅️⁣
πŸ“Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant ι°»ζΊ€ (Keong Saik Rd)⁣
- Large Hitsumabushi η‰ΉδΈŠγ²γ€γΎγΆγ—πŸ±β£
Introducing unagi don to le mum~🀣⁣
So yummy can~🀀⁣

Probably cos it’s Monday, we only waited for 15min, heng ah!😜⁣

Like how fresh the unagi was (freshly prepared, of course right), how on point the sauce was, eating them together with a bit of wasabi, surprisingly the wasabi wasn’t as pungent as I expected, I quite like it eh (even though I’m not a fan of wasabi)!

Eating the unagi with broth was also delish~ like fish soup rice (oops), but more flavourful than your usual fish soup that is~

Man Man is still my first choice (as of now) when it comes to unagi don~
Damage: $46.35

Coming back once again to satisfy my craving. The queue was fast during weekdays dinner time.

This time I got the special item on the menu that comes with lots of ikura.

Sadly this trip disappointed me a lot. The unagi was served cold, even though the taste is still similar.

Also because of hygiene purpose, they no longer giving raw wasabi, even the sauce and seaweed are packaged. Their cold tea was served in foam cup. Just hope it won’t be permanently like this, certainly bringing the quality down.$53.70++

Almost forgot that I waited 1h15mins for this after taking the first bite. My favourite way of having the hitsumabushi is mixing it with the dashi stock!! The skin remained crispy even after addition of the stock. Tasted like all the flavours of the unagi had been absorbed and it was so so satisfying. There’s also fresh wasabi provided!

Grilled and smoked to perfection, this glistening hitsumabushi was absolutely scrumptious. Even after delivery, the rice and soup were still warm - perfect for today’s gloomy weather.

Feeling so blessed to be enjoying MICHELIN BIB GOURMAND Man Man Unagi in our comfort home! They have now rolled out islandwide delivery to ease all our cravings! We simply love that bed of beautifully grilled Unagi covering the white Japanese rice! These Unagi were so flavourful, shiok and melts in your mouth. The only difference between what a Hitsumabushi has & what an Unagi donbiri doesn’t is Soup, Wasabi & a Separate Sauce. Definitely worth the splurge as this is one of the best Unagi! β €
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For takeaway you can call them at 6222 0678β €
πŸ“ 𝐌𝐚𝐧 𝐌𝐚𝐧 π”π§πšπ π’ [𝐊𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐠 π’πšπ’π€ 𝐑𝐝] is located at 1 Keong Saik Rd, unit 01-01, Singapore 089109. β €
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Delivery & Take-away timing:β €
- Lunch 11am to 2pmβ €
- Dinner 5pm to 8pm β €

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