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Guntur Podi Dosa

$5.50 ยท 3 Reviews

Guntur Podi Dosa (very spicy Dosa with Chilli powder) $5.50
Mexican Cheese Dosa (cheese and capsicum) $5.80
Pooris (3pcs) $4.90
Very crispy Dosas and delicious chutneys (dips) which are full of flavours.My favourite was the Guntur Podi Dosa because it was spicy and I personally love spicy food.Would definitely come here again.

Just opposite Mustafa Shopping Centre along Syed Alwi Road, this little joint serving authentic food from Andhra (South India) is a quiet respite from the bustling crowd. Choose from a list of dosas, snacks and combos for a relaxing meal with a friend. Start with the Cut Mirchi ($4) โ€” deep fried big green chillies in a thick chickpea batter. These tend to be quite oily, but Srivakula prides itself on using only pure ghee, pure olive oil or groundnut oil, making this a delightfully light, crunchy start to your meal. Alternatively, go for the Chilli Bajji with Onions ($3.60) as recommended by Burppler Saundarya Lahari. Share the unique Guntur Podi Dosa ($5.50) โ€” it is large and crisp, with a good sprinkling of chili powder on the inside ("podi" means "powder"). Four very tasty chutneys accompany this spicy dosa. If you're really hungry, go instead for their Thali ($9) โ€” a bowl of rice surrounded by nine little bowls of curd, vegetable curries, chutneys and a sweet cardamom rice pudding for dessert.
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burppler Jayne Tan

The dosa itself wasn't the best I've had (sorry, MTR fan for life), but i was so thoroughly impressed by the four chutneys that it came with, all unique and freshly made! The "Guntur podi" refers to the chili powder sprinkled on the inside of the dosa if you look closely, and added such a great kick to the dish. It got a little salty towards the end, so I dusted some off as I went along. Super tasty meal that felt light and not oily at all because they only use pure ghee or pure olive oil!