Chilli Bajji with Onions

$3.60 · 2 Reviews

Saw Burppler Saundarya’s post on the Chilli Bajjis here and we just had to try it after reading her review.

While ordering, we pointed at "Chilli Bajji" on the menu, but somehow we ended up with this. Not wanting to make a fuss, we decided to just eat what was served (only at the end of our meal did we find out what this was from the receipt).
The sliced green chillies come encased in a seemingly dense batter that was actually light and airy! Dip them in the accompanying coconut chutney for an extra moreish starter!

The batter was unlike any I’ve had before, and after a quick recipe search online, I realise it's probably because it uses gram flour (made from ground chickpeas)!
Can't wait to go back and try the right bajji this time round. Better yet, we'll just show the photo to be safe.


Craving for something crispy and spicy? Think no more, just head down to Sri Vakula 's. The newly opened Indian restaurant uses only 100% olive oil and serves authentic Andra food. Most of the items on the menu is priced under $10 and the quantity is generous. The service is good. I will give double thumbs-up for the ambience because the restaurant showcases cartoons by the celebrated Bapu, a famous cartoonist, illustrator and artist.

The gongurra(sour spinach) rice, guntur idly and avvakai rice(mango pickle rice) are must trys. those who love a hearty meal should definitely try the special meals! It's priced at $7 and rice is unlimited.

This restaurant stays true to its roots and it brings back memories from childhood. Definitely a must-visit for Indian expats. Locals who aren't exposed to authentic south Indian food should check this place out.