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Keema (Minced Mutton)

$3.40 · 11 Reviews

Find this tiny stall at the junction of Serangoon Road and Norris Road and be treated to the wonderful sight of chapati made fresh. Order a couple of their hot-off-the-pan Azmi Chapatis ($1 per pice) to accompany their delicious meat curries (from $3) and vegetable sides (from $1). Good for sharing is the Minced Mutton Keema ($3.50), the Goat Bone ($5) and their Potato Cauliflower ($1.50). Bring a hungry friend so you can share and feast properly!
Photo by Burppler Julius Lim

The chapati here was light yet it came with a good bite - slightly chewy, unlike the typical dry and dense chapati. Shout out to their mutton keema, cauliflower and lady's finger too! The mutton was tender, flavourful without any gamey flavour. Why did I not know of this place earlier?


Adore the Keema or minced mutton. Very flavourful and not gamey.
The potato cauliflower adds some texture to the palate
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Braving the scorching afternoon sun and walking for almost 20 minutes to get to the stall, all the hard work was clearly justified the moment I sank my teeth into these. Their signature items include the Azmi Chapati ($1 each), Minced Mutton Keema ($3.50) and Goat Bone ($5, which I didn’t order as it was too much mutton for a single day). As I’m not really a big mutton fan and would opt for other meats whenever I can, I was slightly apprehensive at first to order the entire portion for myself. However, all my doubts were quashed the moment I had my first bite as the mutton keema was prepared so well that it didn’t have any of the gaminess unlike most places. The clear winner has got to be the freshly made chapati which acts as a vehicle to bring together the mutton, green peas and my additional order of Potato Cauliflower($1.50) into many mouthfuls of wholesome bites.
Azmi Restaurant
Address: 168, Serangoon Road, Singapore 218050
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You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to have a good meal. Case in point is this humble chapati. Made fresh and served warm, it’s so good with channa masala (chickpeas) and mutton keema. Heck, it was good even on its own. I am not a fan of chapati but after one here, I’m a convert. There’s something about their chapati flour or the way they cooked it. It’s good. In fact, I ended up having two by myself! All these for a grand sum of SGD 7.40. What a steal.


So... we might have gone just a tad overboard in ordering between the two of us, but definitely no regrets!
They're known for their chapatis and it is clear why. Chapati isn't my favourite carb in Indian cuisine, but these might just have changed my mind. They were pleasantly mild in tasting, and were not at all dry, unlike previous chapatis I've had.
Most also order the Keema along with their chapatis, but I actually preferred pairing mine with their chicken curry. It was familiar in taste, and resembled like our prata and curry without all that oil.
If you're a huge tendon fan like I am, please do not miss out on ordering the tulang! Instead of the red tulang that is commonly found in the other Indian Muslin establishments, these were served with the same curry previously mentioned. My mother said the tendons were a little too tough, but I didn't mind a single bit because it had a nice chew. Probably not the best item to order on a first date because chewing around the bone to get to the best bits in the tiniest nooks and crannies (yes all that anatomy lessons have paid off) isn't the most glamorous sight, but it is an immensely rewarding experience.
The ladies finger and dal were great vegetarian options to balance out all that meat too.
But the dish that impressed us the most, was certainly one which we were not expecting- goat's brain. It was delightfully creamy, and both the texture and taste actually reminded us of scrambled eggs. It did have a mild organ taste, but nothing too off-putting. Beautifully spiced, and packed a nice gentle heat. If you're game for it, definitely give it a go!
Overall, a very satisfying lunch that I'm certain will set me in a food coma soon, but I sure ain't complaining. 😌

All this for three of us was just nice, total spent $12.70! Epic meal, the chapati is warm and fragrant, perfect as always. The keema was hearty, spicy, not gamey at all and just a great Indian bolognese! The bittergourd was the star for me 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 Another lovely lunch at Azmi’s.

Had this place on my wishlist since a couple of weeks. Finally me and my gf went to this small coztly hawker style place. We ordered their special Keema and hot chapati. It was really mouth smaking good. One of the best Indian joints ever. Chapati was fresh and the keema was just right in spices. Highly recommended.

Food 9/10
Service 9.5/10
Value for money 10/10
Ambience 8/10

Freshly kneaded chapatis are blistered and puffed up on the hot griddle straight onto your plate, so be sure to tear the flatbread right away and dunk it into your sauce of choice while it's still hot. Truly one of the best chapatis I've had! 😍

The default side that most diners get is the mildly spicy keema, though we couldn't help but order the goat bone too, after seeing it on someone else's table 😂 As the name suggests, you only get the bone with some cartilage and tendons left for gnawing, so don't expect any meat. The rich curry it comes with is great for dipping though!

Don't forget to ask for the complimentary plate of sliced cucumber and onions for bites of fresh relief. There's calamansi halves you can squeeze into the keema if you like, too.