Signature Pralet Cake

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Went out and tried the mentaiko battered fish bowl for lunch ($12) the bowl came with battered fish, mentaiko cream sauce, jap rice (customisable), furikake pumpkin and tri coloured slaw. I really liked the slaw it was tangy and cut down the richness from the fish and cream sauce. The mentaiko was not really prominent in the sauce however they were generous with the sauce. Other bowls pictured are the terriyaki chicken ($10) and bulgogi beef rib ($12)
We added a set (+$7) for a drink, soup and cake. Soursop and passionfruit was good with chunks of soursop in the drink. The soup was pumpkin soup, it was hearty however it may not be for those who dislike thick soups. The cake was the signature pralet cake (a rich chocolate cake) which was really really good but I suggest you have someone to share it with as it may be too rich for a single person to finish.
Truffle fries are truffle fries. ($10) Fries with truffle oil parmesan and garlic aioli. The fries were good and the truffle was spread throughout the whole serving. The garlic aioli tasted more like normal mayo though.

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My favourite was their signature Pralet cake with lovely feuilletine base and chocolate ganache. The cake texture was light with strong hazelnut flavour, making this an easy dessert to have after a fulfilling meal. The Lychee Martini would be another favourite if I'm not too full and am looking for a sweeter note to end my meal.