Pistachio Tiramisu in a Jar

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πŸ’Έ: $14

πŸ’¬: Would never have bought a tiramisu when I can make one on my own, but when it is layered with a thick pistachio ganache and tastes like literal heaven on earth, there's no need for words, we just gotta order that good shit

This Italian joint, equally well known for their pizzas and this shiny number to for a sweet finish to your meal.
Layered with thicc creamy mascarpone and sweetened Sicilian pistachio paste, I loved that they retained the coffee soak within those lady finger sponges instead of removing the caffeine element entirely.
I always have one after my meal here and another one to-go.



absolutely delicious. Think I got the edge because part of it didn't have the pistachio ganache? Layer that was intense

The rest of the tiramisu was q light, so overall it worked well. Don't leave without trying this dessert


This one’s a very popular dessert choice here at iO but while I did find it likable, I still love the classic tiramisu combination much more! The lightness was nice, but it was a tad too subtle for me.


Pistachio Tiramisu: $10.00
ladyfingers biscuit, mascarpone cheese, a hint of coffee, chopped pistachios

this pistachio tiramisu did not look anything special BUT this is a life changer - if you are going to dine at iO Italian Osteria, you can skip other food and go straight for their pistachio tiramisu. tiramisu cake was soft and fluffy, good layer of mascarpone cream, a thing layer of pistachio paste between the cake and the cream which helped to bring out the flavour of the chopped pistachios toppings. it was absolutely gorgeous πŸ’•πŸ˜ easily one of the best tiramisu in SG

Rating: 4.50/5 ⭐️

πŸ’³ accepts credit card
🌬 air-conditioned
πŸ“± reservations available through chope
πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ service charge and GST applicable


Instead of the usual round pizza, they use bread as the base and love the truffle mushroom flavour in it! Burrata w parama ham was nice and the pistachio tiramisu is something u can't find elsewhere. Yummy!!

For all tiramisu/cake lovers, this is the BEST tiramisu cake i have ever eaten. You really got to try this pistacchio tiramisu cake - fragrant, soft and right amount of pistacchio. It just tastes different from cafes' typical tiramisu

The perfect balance of sweet and espresso with a twist of pistachio. This tiramisu will always be my dessert or choice whenever I'm in the area.
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