Signature Lobster Porridge

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This is Wan He Lou's signature dish and it is absolutely delicious. The star of the dish is the rich yellow broth – I've no idea what is in it but I couldn't get enough of it. The two small lobsters were firm and fresh. There's lots of rice in this too, and I reckon it could feed 2-3 people.

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But apart from that, we highly recommend that you order their signature honey kurobuta pork chops and salted egg lotus root chips! It will surely be a feast that will put you in a long food coma haha but totally worth it! The salted egg lotus root chips are superrrr addictive!! We think it’s actually more satisfying than salted egg fish skins! Ok on the flip side, we do think the portions are better suited for 3 people. Sorry la we don’t know how to eat in moderation and have portion control issues okay.

Make a mental note of this spot for casual group dinners in Jalan Besar. Raved about by many is their umami-licious Teochew-style Lobster Porridge ($29.90 for 2 halves, $55 per lobster). Unless you're really craving a lobster feast, the $29.90 option will satisfy. Add on the tender and chewy Pan Fried Kurobuta Pork (from $14.90) coated in an addictive sweet sauce, and get your snack on with their Crispy Lotus Root With Salted Egg ($11.90) for crunchy deep fried renkon chips drizzled in a creamy salted egg yolk sauce.
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When this plate of Kurobuta Pork (S) was served, it left our jaws dropping! The portion looked so fine (in other words, pathetic)! BUT, IT TASTED SO GOOD! The red meat is tender yet has a bite to it. It has that wok hei/grilled aroma. Pieces of really well cooked meat that sent pleasures to my palate.

The honey chicken drumlets were yummy too but the sweetness was cloying. Do try their Salted Egg Yolk (SEY) Lotus Chips! Every slice is evenly coated with that slightly creamy yet sandy SEY! Perfect for beer pairing.

Wan He Lou's signature is actually their lobster porridge! The lobster is about 700g (as advised by the staff) and is served in a huge pot of broth. The porridge + broth is good for sharing among 4 pax! The soup isn't overwhelming with the sweetness of the crustacean. It certainly didnt blow me away but I found myself getting 3 bowls of it! Addictive! The texture of the broth with rice was pretty one dimensional. Perhaps they could top it off with some rice crisps..

Both meat were ordered in small sizes, except the SEY Lotus Chips that was in medium. We also got a small plate of stir fried long beans. Together with 1 lobster porridge and using Beyond's 1 for 1 (for the meat dishes), the bill came up to about $120. Not the cheapest for zichar but hey, you get atas food like lobster and kurobuta pork! Also, the place is airconditioned (gst &svc charge applies).

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the ratio of rice to lobster was stark but..... can’t rly complain for its price!!

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Wishlist this restaurant for the festive season ahead! The Signature Lobster Porridge (half lobster $31.90, whole $55.00) sees a deliciously rich broth and fresh deep water lobsters, and feeds up to seven adults comfortably. Don't forget to order the tender and slightly sweet Pan Fried Kurobuta Pork (from $14.90) as well.
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Although lobster porridge was the main show, this humble salted Egg fried lotus managed to outshine it


Lobster Porridge ($55/lobster)
This has been on my to-try list for ages and I only just found out @wanhelou was actually in my hood! We ordered 2 lobsters but they actually went by weight so we received 3 smaller lobsters since we should be receiving 700gms per lobster at $55 ea. There was an uncontrollable excitement just seeing those crustacean babies dipping in a yellowish broth. Our porridge portion was enough to feed 7 adults with some able to refill. Overall, I found myself adding some cut chilli and soy sauce into my porridge as it was a tad bland for me. Not sure whether it was the insufficient lobsters which contributed to the lack of umaminess.

Have been wanting to go back wanhelou for not just its famed lobster porridge but also the tasty sides like four Seasons beans and fried lotus. Heard they have a lunch set now at $12.80, if only I work nearby!!

S$29.90 onwards per 100g