Stir Fried Yam

$12.90 · 6 Reviews

This was so enjoyable! Sweet and crispy in the outside, soft on the inside and not overly sweet. My friend who is picky and has never eaten yam tried this and fell in love with it! Should be a best seller!

Burpple one for one was great!

The restaurant has a time limit on their seating, so many servers were hovering and clearing the plates quickly. Unfortunately we were kinda getting chased to order and leave asap even though there were only one or two set of diners waiting and a whole restaurant of seats.

We went on a Friday evening at 630pm and they had run out of a number of dishes. !?!

Saw @that_dex’s heads-up about this amazing new deal - PUTIEN’s on Burpple Beyond, with 1 for 1s for their mains, vegetables and beancurd! It was then an easy choice for our family lunch today - side note, only realised recently that my family & I have never had PUTIEN before, and I’m really not sure why 😂 Tried a few items and our favourites were this Heng Hwa Bee Hoon with its generous bits of haebi and scallop, the slightly tangy Seaweed and Mini Shrimps starter and the seasonal Crispy Oyster. Didn’t have anymore stomach space to try the stir fried yam but will definitely be back very soon! This bee hoon is $10.90 for small, $32.70 for large.

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Dinner with fellow foodie friends @woo_alan and @sqtop. It was a night of great food and engaging conversation. Looking forward to the next meet up! 😊 (Date: 24 March 2016 Thursday)