Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon

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Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon - (S) - $9.50
This savoury dish is one of my favourite item there. Not a big portion, but the flavour is entangling, making me it finish it in no time. The angel hair like bee hoon is so thin yet slightly springy, paired with fresh seafood and greens for extra crunch. Eat this traditional Fujian cuisine with Putien homemade chilli, which is really spicy but shiok shiok. It’s sweet sour spicy all at once, so go easy on it. If you prefer something soupy, their Lor Mee is a great dish, and quite a hearty portion too

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This is from @putien_sg which is similar lah. Mummy's version is nicer of course, because it has insane amount of ingredients.

This dish doesn't look appealing nor appetizing but looks really deceiving. The Heng Hwa bee hoon is very fine and Putien cooked it with chicken and pork soup before frying it. Ingredients wise you have to dig deep to discover the tiny crispy pork, small clams with shell and prawns. Overall it's a really tasty meal for one. Order the bigger portion if you're sharing.