Beef Brisket Noodles

$12.80 · 4 Reviews

Uber flavourful soup. Generous portions of tender beef and tendon. QQ hongkong standard noodles. Give this bowl of noodles to me anytime!

Dim sum standard also on form - fave items were the Yam pastries, fried carrot cake and siew mais. 🤤

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This family-run restaurant in Forum the Shopping Mall serves a variety of set meals that are great for hosting business associates. Using only quality ingredients like Alaskan crab, Soon Hock fish and South African abalones, the meal is bound to impress your dining partners. The Lobster and Dim Sum Set ($38) is very value for money, featuring three kinds of dim sum, a delightful double boiled soup, roasted duck and soya chicken, stewed lobster noodles and a dessert. Aside from set meals, the Beef Brisket Noodle ($12.80) is also worth ordering for its tender to bite beef chunks, and get the Steamed Malay Cake ($4) for a sweet fix. For drinks, the restaurant prides itself on wine pairing, evident with their racks of wine around the restaurant. Just ask the friendly in-house sommelier for recommendations. Pro tip: Feel free to BYO. There’s no corkage fee here!
Avg Price: $40 per person
Photo by Burppler Jayne Tan

Miss Hong Kong’s braised beef brisket with super boing boing noodles? Get your fix sorted here!
Not the cheapest but you’ll get your money’s worth with that super generous pile of fork-tender beef and melt-in-the-mouth tendon pieces. So satisfying! 😍


Yes. They serve quite a huge range of dishes and food. The hidden gem on its dimsum menu is the beef brisket noodles. There is no version better than this in SG and very comparable to the best in HK. Beef parts and tendons are tender and well prepared. Tendons are braised just right, retaining the sinewy yet soft texture at various junctures. The noodles are the authentic eggy springy thin type. I need to stop now and eat another portion