Triple Chocolate Brownies

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The salted caramel got nothing to do with nuts, why not just swop the honey pecans in?

The fudgey texture is rlly good and it's as rich as people say. The crust is a crumbly crunchy crust and it's delicious as well. The only problem is that it can get too much but they solve it by cutting the brownie into small squares. Good stuff and well deserved cockiness

Nutella was good, the chocolateyness works well and the hazelnut flavour is suppressed. I wonder if they mix Nutella with chocolate?

Macadamia was average. The macadamia doesn't come through

Their salted caramel is abit weird on its own, it doesn't mesh w the brownie either

Peanut butter was SUPERB. I like peanut butter so abit biased but their peanut butter is super intense and thick and the saltiness works v well w the brownie.


Featuring a box of luxurious rich fudgy chocolate brownie - an abundance of rich yet suitably sweet chocolate flavor makes these super dense brownies stand out from it’s competitors.

Slightly flaky top with a decadently chewy, moist and dense chocolatey interior, they are definitely one of the best chocolate brownies I’ve had 🌟 Whether you like your brownies chewy, cakey or fudgy, you’ll be deeply satisfied.

The flavors that I’ve got are:
Salted Dark Choco

I have always wanted to try chilli-flavored dessert haha! It was very mild and you can hardly taste the spice, which is good as I still prefer my dessert to be sweet😋 Pretty hard to choose a favourite as it all tasted really heavenly! But I would probably pick Biscoff as my favourite out of the 4 flavors as each piece contains crunchy bits in it which complemented the rest of the brownie really well!

For a chocolate lover/sweet-tooth person like me, this is definitely an indulgence. To double the indulgence, warm the brownies a little and top it off with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream😌

Lucia Cakes is accepting online orders for self-collection/delivery. Check out @luciacakes.singapore page for more info. I’m pretty confident that these decadent bites never fail to warrant seconds so be prepared to ruin your diet plans!

Only brownies from now on, 45bucks for 36 small pieces

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Paying a premium for my edible photo frame.

Lucia Cakes was not going to sell cake during this period of time. They will be selling brownies instead of the cakes. They sold brownies in terms of choosing how many flavour in the box. So I got 4 flavours, 36 pieces and box of the month (Triple Chocolate, Salted Dark Chocolate, Macadamia White Chocolate and Peanut Butter) I felt a bit of salty aftertaste for salted dark choco flavour, quite nutty aftertaste for macadamia white choco flavour, got mixed aftertaste between sweet and bitter for tripe choco flavour and quite creamy and salty aftertaste for peanut butter. First try for brownies was quite good and nice. Second try for brownies was quite hard and unable to cut into pieces due to store into fridge overnight. Third try for brownies was putting into oven for reheat and reduce to harden. I felt it was better to reheat and taste for warm brownies was much better.

These brownies are crispy outside and fudgey inside. They were extremely rich and the salty bits balanced the sweetness out.


Also bought their famous brownie - 2 flavours (salted dark chocolate and macadamia white chocolate 🍫)

8 small squares for $10

Fudgy and chocolatey. With melty chocolate bits. I prefer the sea salt one since it’s not that sweet

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Have been enjoying a lot for the cakes delivered for the party! The brownie is very tasty so as the pre-cut cakes - everyone has been praising the cakes, no matter for the carrot cake or the avocado lime cheese cake!

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Triple Chocolate, Oreo, Chocolate Walnut and Salted Dark Chocolate - these pre-cut, assorted brownies makes the perfect "cake" for any gathering or special occasion. Crackly top with a decadently chewy interior, they're definitely one of the best chocolate fudgies I've had.

This assorted box of brownies (4 flavours: Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Walnut, Salted Dark Chocolate, Oreo) made the perfect birthday cake for my brownie loving bf!