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Foie Gras Bifuteki

$45.00 ยท 23 Reviews

If you thought rice bowls were too basic for special occasions or serious business lunches, think again. This small but stellar Beach Road restaurant dishes up a Signature Truffle Wagyu Don ($45) for lunch, and it's well-worth the steep price tag โ€” we're talking thinly sliced tender beef topped with runny egg and shaved truffle. Yum! Foie gras fanatics should go for the Foie Gras Bifuteki Don ($45) that comes with creamy glazed foie gras and meaty wagyu steak chunks.
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the premium bowl consisting of a5 beef, uni, foie gras, caviar, truffle, onsen egg, fried rice and the random gold shaving. beef was melt in the mouth. worth a try once if you have resources to spare. but there should be some other places serving similar bowls with a lower price tag. and just nice. thank you to the staff too who treated us the beautiful complimentary dessert. she booked black cow for lunch while i booked fat cow for dinner.

127 per pax.

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yes, this is DEFINITELY heaven .

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Had the Premium Kagoshima Wagyu Don. Came with an Onsen Egg, Caviar, Uni, Black Truffle, Foie Gras, Gold (If you wanna count tiny specks of tastelessness an ingredient) and Wagyu slices. The Onsen Egg was well cooked definitely, Wagyu slices were tender however lacking in flavour. Black truffle did not have as much as a pungent smell nor flavour that added much to the dish. Neither did the Caviar and Uni. Just imagine these premium ingredients as branded pieces of clothes or accessories but when piece together as an outfit - Not as amazing as you thought it would be.

Also tried the Signature Truffle Wagyu Don. Fell pretty flat for me and my friends. The manager did come over to check on our food, which was nice. However, when explaining about why the truffle taste wasn't as strong, he gave a pretty lousy excuse as to comparing Black Truffle with Winter White Truffle, and that they are using Black Truffle therefore the quality is not as good.

Now when I say it is a bad excuse is because Black Truffles are usually paired with red meat or poultry as when cooked in heat, releases an earthy aroma and flavour compared to the White Truffle. White Truffle on the other hand is usually paired with pasta and risotto. Not often used in complex recipes as they have a distinct strong aroma with a slight garlicky aroma to it. I can go on about truffles but at the end of the day, the explanation he gave was not justifiable. This is not a bad bowl but overall could have been better and hopefully in the future with improvements will I head back to try it again.


Part of the lunch set menu too. The beef is in chunks unlike the signature truffle don which is in slices. Fat Cow also has this, but for $48 and without onsen egg.

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Whilst this is yummy, I can't bear to not have my foie gras #blackcowsg #wagyubeefdon #truffle #southbeachsg #japanesecuisine #sgig #sg #burpple #burpplesg #bscc_japanesesg


This is my fav don at Black Cow. Those lightly caramelised pieces of foie gras, so good, literally! #blackcowsg #foiegrasbifuteki #wagyubeefdon #onsenegg #foiegras #japanesecuisine #lunch #whati8today #burpple #burpplesg #sgig #sg #bscc_japanesesg


Counting my blessings over a bowl of Wagyu and foie gras don

As part of the Signature Truffle Wagyu Don lunch set ($45), the premium Japanese wagyu beef served is tender, smooth and almost melt in your mouth. As they are thinly sliced, the truffle is evident not only with scent, but also the taste. This is not the artificial-but-nevermind truffle-flavoured dish, but the real deal. However, if you prefer chunky beef instead of this thinly sliced, go for the Foie Gras Bifuteki (same price).