Nasi Lemak

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Ordered this and more for a group of 8 😁 In this picture:
⭐️Nasi Lemak Chicken Leg Set ($14.80+)
⭐️Nasi Lemak Fish Set ($13.20+)
⭐️Kacang Panjang (Long beans ($6.50+)
⭐️Terung Assam Manis (Eggplants) ($7+)
⭐️Sambal Sotong ($14+)
⭐️Otak-Otak ($10.50+)

The stars of the night are surprisingly not the nasi lemak but the sambal sotong and otak-otak! Despite both being pricey dishes, they are well worth the price. The sambal sotong is well cooked and the otak-otak is of good quality, filled with chunks of fish.

I find the nasi lemak nothing special, rice is not fragrant and the ingredients are common for this price point. The sambal chilli is super tasty but I won’t come back specially for this. The service staff is friendly and the ambience is lovely - perhaps this is what we are paying more for.

Ordered this to go together with the nasi lemak I had, and this was really good. Sufficiently sweet, spicy, sour, and totally met my expectations.

This was such a good meal! Succulent deep fried chicken leg with ample flavour. The sambal was towards the sweeter side something which I personally prefer but I know others don’t. Coconut rice was fragrant and egg was sunny side up. Crunchy peanuts and anchovies to top off. Other than the hefty price tag, I was happy with everything on the plate. It truly satisfied my cravings for nasi lemak.

Also shoutout to the amazing service there. The staff was so friendly!

Food is good. Belacan is tasty. Coconut rice not as fragrance. Kangkung is in small portion.

Who says you can’t have a meal under $20 along Ann Siang? :) This vindicates all breast men out there- the chicken meat is tender, whilst retaining that toasty kerisik (desiccated coconut) exterior. They are generous with the peanuts and ikan bilis. Did I say that all 5/5 plates of nasi lemak our group had on the table had runny egg yolks? That’s some mad consistency there. Props to the chirpy kitchen and service crew! Have this for dinner and you are SET for your night out at Ann Siang! Eat it for lunch and you roll the red carpet out for Mr Food Coma.

Seeing that we are nearby, we rushed over to The Coconut Club before their last order. Even though they have run out of sambal sotong, their fried chicken is still available, and we proceeded to getting their signature Chicken Breast/Leg Set ($14.80). Though it’s not the cheapest nasi lemak around, what you get is a generous portion of coconut rice with the other accompanying ingredients of perfectly fried anchovies, peanuts, cucumber, fried egg and a mildly spicy sweet sambal, with the huge portion of chicken. The only feedback I can give for this visit is that the rice was lacking in the coconut aroma and flavour, and it will be much better if more coconut milk was added into the cooking. However, this might just be a one-off occurrence as from my previous visits, the coconut rice was aromatic and flavourful.
✨ The Coconut Club
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Ordered the chicken leg nasi lemak but unfortunately it ran out (went ~8pm on a Friday)! Swapped it for chicken breast instead, chicken was tender but unfortunately a little dry. Loved the sambal and the ikan billies/ peanuts, rice was fragrant but seemed better the last time I had it. Service was 💯, servers were super friendly and they gave us sambal squid on the side seeing that chicken leg (what we ordered) had ran out. Nearer to closing time they even gave out kuehs! Great location, good food (will recommend leg over breast), amazing service, will be back!

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Always love their food here. Never disappointed, the chicken was so tasty and juice with the sambal it is so good. I always ask for the sweet sauce that comes with the fried fish to dip my chicken in! Their dessert hits the spot too. The homemade chendol is so good!

Amazing service and great twist on standard dishes